Georgia: Russian Troops in Georgian Villages?

Whereas things seem to be quiet in Tbilisi for now, North Ossetian blogger Alan Tskhurbaev – LJ user alan_tskhurbaev wrote this (RUS) on Aug. 11 about the alleged advances of the Russian and South Ossetian troops in Georgia:

Talked with Tskhinval. According to [the person I talked with], Russian and South Ossetian troops have taken a Georgian village of Ergneti. They've also mopped up Avnevi. Then they'll move on to Nikozi, Tkiavi, and all the way to Gori. The Chechen battalion “East” is taking an active part.

And a quote from [the person I talked with]:

“Now the whole world is yelling that the bombing of Georgia is terrible, but isn't it as terrible to bomb Tskhinval?! Nothing will happen if Tbilisi beau monde wets their asses in the basements.”


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  • Sam

    John, George McCain do not speak for all america! McCain is a disable veteran as I, and have NEVER voted for a benefit package for any Disable Veterans; therefore that bastard do not speak for the Veterans/or The Disable Veterans of America!
    The John Bush McCain regine is the reason we are within the mess we are in today in the world now! Iraq was a sovereign Nation and america invaded that nation without cause. The insipid President saakashvili should not have invaded Tbilisi/Ossettia of Russia. In the during of the invadsion, the wrath of the Nation by Russia. And America will not and can not bring forth any succor to Georgia. That insipid and crass man Bush-Saakashvili McCain caused all those deaths and hardship for his and their nation by listening to the inane George Bush MaCain ticket of destruction of the worlds different thinkers and all do not think like those heathens. Russia did wht Iraq could not have did aganist americas, and the brutial american overwhelmed a little nation like Georgia and did not respect the world leaders to leave Iraq. American is a bully nation against little nations like vietnam, S Korea, Iraq; but none liken unto N. Korea and Iran! Oh Hell No! The whimps america’s can play the svengali role aganst Russia with Georgia and just talk tuff only without any weapons to bring succor for Georgia. The Sam. 8/12/08

  • Sam

    I attempted to write a blogg and it was refused, but George John Bush was in Thailand saying “the people in China should be able to speak whatsoever was on their minds.” People in american can not say what is on their minds, everything is censoring and vetted otherwise you will be called a terrorist person. “Forget The Dumb Stuff!” The Sam 8/12/08

  • Nino

    I am a Georgian. My uncle is ossetian. I grow up in his Family in Tbilisi. I was living with them in 1990, when I was a student. I never felt any hatred from him or other Ossetians who I knew to Georgians. They always say that this is just Russian government politic, using small nations separatist groups.

    No one nation in the world suffered from Russia like Georgia did for 2 century. Great “Brother” is killing Georgians spiritually and physically for centuries. Nobody says the word that they killed and through out from their houses thousands of Georgians form Abkhazia and South Ossetia in 1990-1992. And now they say that they are protecting their citizens on other countries territory. Meanwhile they are still killing and robbing innocent civilians who are left in that territory. My friend just lost two brothers and she is refuge in her own country. They were killing us in 1921, in 1937, in 1958, in 1989, in 1990-1992 and they are killing us now. Why they hate us so much I just can’t understand. What they want?

  • anonymouse

    “People in american can not say what is on their minds, everything is censoring and vetted otherwise you will be called a terrorist person.”
    sAm, please, propaganda is good in its own place but would you stop pretending that you are an american – your english is foreign.

    Russia often helps separatists against the central government. For a long time it helped osetians with money, propaganda and recently with troops. I could understand (but not support) russian troops going to south osetia to “help” the separatists, but they went from there and advanced into territory of Georgia proper. And that was their mistake, as was a mistake their propaganda lies about terrible atrocities of Georgian troops – many russians do believe that but not many do outside russia.

    • hydrab

      Hello Everyone,
      I am an American Citizen. I am actually a child of G-d the father in heaven . I have to agree with anonymouse, here in America we really can’t say what we think or we are labeled as right-wing and it came out today that if we go against our President and his shall we say whims we are to be considered terrorists to be watched. Amazing how we have lost so many freedoms over the past 4 months. He has now decided it’s cool to kill unborn children and is passing the laws to allow it. He has decided its okay to be Gay/lesbian and is passing the laws. It has been decided that its wrong to be a Christian, but okay to be a Muslim and they are making it illegal to say in “Jesus’ name” but okay to say in the name of the Muslim g-d. To me I am a Christian and will die for my L-RD. I have no qualms on that. I will do as I feel I am instructed by my L-RD to do. Keep in mind everyone we are facing judgments and those judgments will become worse. There is no way out of it at this point. We have reached the cultimating point. The United States in my opinion has voted in someone to the White House who will finish destroying our wealth and our souls as he can. I do not believe he is a good man at all. He is taking his sides every time he goes to another country and talks about how bad we Americans are. The deal is I have a gut feeling about him and I dispise what he stands for, but I will do nothing to harm him for he is in his spot at this time for a specific reason and he will do his job till the Great and Powerful L-RD returns to us. I know the innocents who die will be avenged by our L-RD. Just watch and see come Dec 31, 09 he will have done so much to hurt us in America that we will all wish we were already dead if we are still here upon the earth. I feel the rapture is on the verge of occurring. I feel with all my heart that we have very little time left to wait for Christ to come and collect the church. Good Luck and may G-D be with everyone. G-D please bless everyone of us across the World with well being and the knowledge to know you and what you did so that we are all ready for your Great Day of returning to us.

  • ppavel

    The idea about “helping is ok, why advance into the territory” is a bit strange. How the army is supposed to help somebody without destroying enemy’s (sorry for this word here) ability to fight? Cover with the soldier’s bodies? Airplanes that attacked Ossetia took off not from the Ossetian territory. This is a military operation and it has some rules.

  • RBG – visitor can vote there for one of the conflict sides. Now Russia leading – only 20% of visitors support Georgia.

    And there is more then 2000 comments about war in South Osetia – interesting to read opposite opinions –

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