South Ossetia: Russian blogger on foreign blog reactions

LJ user knup_ru [Russian] posts a few reactions by foreign bloggers on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Georgia.


  • Dmitry

    Why your own tv channels are so unfair bullshiting your about last actions in Georgia?

    I watched CNN, BBC and Deutsche Welle – everywhere is bullshit.
    Georgia has attacked first on 8 of august and georgian troops have killed more than 2000 civil Osetian people!!!!!

    Russian troops are trying to save civil people, Russia is not invader.

    Why your army helps georgians killing civil people, equpping them with weapon?
    Why US hates Russia so much? Can somebody tell me.

  • Brian Sakevich

    Well, the news/media in every country is rarely unbiased, so to that end, it is not shocking to think that Western Media portrays the news by the Western viewpoint, which leads to your other question about the US hating Russia. Basically, Russia is getting very bold with world affairs once again as it has enjoyed renewed economic growth and national pride has risen in that last few years. With that comes the old fear that Russia wants to again become the dominant regional powerhouse and begin to boss around their neighbors. This is supported by the joint concern that Poland the Baltic States have shown in their recent proclamation. The world at large and in your region does not trust Russia. They were a bully in the Soviet Era and your leaders show signs of renewed interest in a policy where they are less concerned about the “rest of the world’s” thoughts on “regional affairs” and that is just never going to sit well with the largert part of the post-World War II world that is looking for a Unified Europe to lead the way to Global Security.

  • blacksilver

    Easy. America’s system thrives in chaos under set no-go lines. Everything is OK… until you cross the line. Chaos can only rule by attacking itself where-ever some part of ourselves crosses the line. When you cross the line, everyone bands together and attacks. Whenever Russia confronts the west, they copy the actions we hate in ourselves and are trying to correct where we have caused wrong. We hate our own CIA for throwing our own people out of windows in the 50’s, but we hated the USSR, and now apparently Russia because they never did stop assassinating their own people (see late polonium incidents). I’m not saying traitors shouldn’t be killed after a fair chance to contest the claims against them, just that we don’t trust possible double agents to make that decision. There are rights that come with being a citizen. Not recognizing those simple rights just means you have something really big to hide. If Russia had stayed entirely in S. Ossetia, the line wouldn’t have been crossed. There’s a game going on, and Georgia played on a bad hand. What Russia has done since has Americans making calls to arms. Whether troops fight it out directly in Georgia or not, Americans feel Russia has betrayed the world, they will respond by trying to hurt Russia’s interests even in blood, but not necessarily in Georgia. (Don’t tell me about world opinion of the US right now. The US people don’t care unless they’re a politician. I agree with the slavic points on Kosovo, but don’t tell me Iraq was illegal. Maybe for the reasons our idiot leadership told the world, but attempted assassination of the president’s father should have no other response but war.) Nothing personal. Just don’t ignore the warnings for when lines are getting crossed. If you head the warnings then the game is still on.

  • Peik

    Dimitry, does it exist in Russian a notion of monopolizing peacekeeping proces during 15 years. Caucasus without Caucasians; What`s most important for Putins, that Caucasians kill each other as much as possible, after Vania will drink vodka quietly in Tskhinvali, Grozniy and Soxumi. What Russia always wanted in Caucasus is to divide and to rule after.

  • Caslav

    “I agree with the slavic points on Kosovo”
    Not only Kosovo. The history is a bit longer, but let’s look only at “ex Yugoslavia lessons”. There was a break up of federal state. In Croatia you had situation very similar to the one in Georgia. Result: after very similar scenario the swift military action by US armed/trained croatian forces backed up with NATO air supremacy and operations (bombing of Udbina airfield for example) the 250.000 serbians became refugees. Same scenario later in Bosnia. Similar in Kosovo. Result? Over 650.000 refugees. I’m glad that Russia learned the lessons and has answer ready…

  • milo

    america cause this ,with allowing Kosovo to seperate from Serbia.Now they want Russia to withdraw and allow Georgia to inslave them no way,back off America

  • blacksilver

    Both sides have dogs in their ranks (or leadership) that need to be punished for misbehaving while their leashes were let up. Don’t make it impossible for America to punish theirs. If you press and can’t even maintain your own moral high ground then the leashes will be let loose.

    What does that gain anybody?

  • blacksilver

    Let me add one more thing. The American people expect Russia to be a partner in how they reign in their own government. That means telling them when one of their own or an ally has crossed one of your lines. Not the government, the people. That’s the whole point of the free press. If Russia does not trust the American people to punish its government or allies when they cross the line, or give them enough time to respond when asked to do so, then the American people won’t trust the Russians in any of their responses, no matter how right they are.

    This is centuries old, not just Yugoslavia. No one is in the right if they copy the abominations of their enemies. Russia needs to stop copying and make up their mind on who they want to be. The Israelis are hated because they copied the way they were treated in the Russian Programs and used it in turn on the Arabs. Obviously this is not the right way to go.

  • NewYorker

    Let’s wait and see. If in two months or a month (or maybe even less) Israel “suddenly” bombs the crap out of Iran then it means that our government (USA) made a deal with Russians. Basically, “we’ll give you Georgia and you’ll give us Iran” strategic deal. If no one destroys Iran by November/December then it means that Mr Saakashvili made the decision to attack South Ossetia on his own. If that’s the case then unfortunately Mr Saakashvili is turned out to be an untrustworthy character with serious issues inside his head. Mikheil would be a complete waste of our taxpayers money and a serious risk to our reputation. In short: He would be a liability, and we need to kick his ass really hard so that no one else in Eastern Europe follows this maniac’s example. Countries like Moldova and Ukraine could be in danger if we won’t punish this stupid Gerogian. It’s time to shake off cold war era prejudices and embrace Russia, which can (and should be) our ally and partner.

  • I came here to get another side of the chronology on this issue and was disappointed. “Who started it this time? Who Knows?” Once the conflict starts it always seems that we get into the weeds of who said what with which attitude, when the larger actions are ignored. Is there any truth to the assertion that Russia has incited populations in northeast and northwest Georgia to make separatist demands and go paramilitary? Is this perhaps a case of long term civilizational boundary stress? Does Russia in fact have a case for re-assimilating these people? I would like to know more.

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