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Jordanian Bloggers Mourn Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish

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The Jordanian blogosphere has been mourning the great Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish [1], who passed away [2] from complications due to open-heart surgery at the age of 67 this week. For Jordanians, Darwish was more than just a master of words. He is perceived as an ambassador and champion of the Palestinian cause; articulating the sentiment on the street in the most poetic renderings.

Blogger Ammar Sajdi [3] described Darwish as “A poet who leaves an eternal legacy of legendary master pieces that simply pierced through ears, the minds and the hearts of the masses”

Amjad [4] described the unfortunate event as a “A true sad day for the whole nation”, while Mais wonders [5] “who will continue to document the bleeding Palestinian wound?” (Arabic)

Tololy posts “State of Siege” [6], a classic Darwish poem, declaring: “How do you mourn a poet?
You don’t. You mourn the world without him.”

Most Jordanian bloggers have chosen to mourn [7] Darwish [8] by posting [9] various pieces [10] of his poetry [11] in both Arabic [12] and English [13], for all to read, eulogizing [14] the famous poet with his very own words.

Asoom [15] is forced to recall her college Arabic professor who opened her eyes to the works poetry of Mahmoud Darwish, while Iman [16] recalls attending what would become his final poetry reading in Ramallah’s Cultural Palace back in June.

Photo of Mahmoud Darwish [17] from Wikimedia Commons

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