Iran :Olympics and female flag bearer

Kourosh Ziabari, an Iranian blogger, writes that “choosing a female flag bearer for Iranian team was a defeating answer to those who wanted to pretend that the women rights are being violated in Iran.”


  • perhaps you don’t reside in Iran or haven’t followed up on the news regarding the same female flag-holder being charged for “heresy”, because some muslim cleric thought she hadn’t “covered” herself properly (based on Islamic rulings) during the Olympics ceremony

  • hesam shoghi

    That’s embarrassing. The rest of the world is making huge social and scientific advancements, and Iran is going back to the medieval times. Wow, a woman flag bearer! Iran is just the pinnacle of human rights! ya rihgt!
    Pretend that women rights are being viloated? which cave have you been hiding in? Women have to cover their bodies with that ridiculous tent they cal Hejaab. And we all know what happens if they dont or if they wear a little make up. Iran needs to check itself.

  • X

    Hesam and Nima are clearly westerners, zionist supporters, and traitors. Do not listen to the non sense treasonous words they spew as they have joined the enemy and despise the country from which they came. These self loathing traitors are of the worst and dishonorable type people. Iran is more powerful and independent than they were under satans pahlavi regime and is only continuing to grow. Avoid western propaganda and research for yourself.

  • Dear X,

    I think to support your point of view,it is better you talk about statistics and facts. It will be more helpful rather than call people this ot that. Best

  • Hesam Shoghi

    I’m a global citizen bro. I love Iran, its people and culture. What I am not in agreeance with is the governing body. Should I not be free to state what I feel? Oh yeah I forgot, in Iran you cant do that. Any ways I gues everyone has a preferance.
    Peace and Blessings,

  • X

    Hamid, I only speak facts. Statistics prove that Iran is economically and globally more powerful and independent than ever before. Statistics also prove Iranian literacy is at 86% and unemployment at 14%. Iran’s military capabilities are superior to any middle eastern nation and improving on a regular basis (the illegitimate zionist regime not included). Our govt. has it’s faults as do all govts. but finding any excuse to side with the enemy at Iranian expense is treasonous and quite sickening.

    Unity, Honor and Loyalty with all my Iranian brothers.

  • Sigmond

    Iran is a country run by thugs who deny freedom and human rights to their people. The Iranian people themselves, for the most part, are wonderful people. Eventually the Iranian people will rid themselves of these medieval thugs.

  • Dante

    I agree with Sigmond. I have had an iranian girlfriend for many years and I have heard tales of all of the oppressive laws the governement enforces. Get rid of armadinejad and replace him with someone who thinks outside of the box.

  • Mo

    It’s realy simple for me. If the Iranian government was as good as they say they are for their own people, then they wouldn’t need a special military to protect the government from its own people. The greatest asset a government has is its own people. A great government, like the one of the great Cyrus, invests in its people and country, and treats its citizens with the highest respect, women or men. In the streets of Iran, an outsider is treated with more dignity and respect than its own people by the officials. A great Persian government does not care if you are Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc. It only cares that you are an Iranian. You don’t rate a government based solely on its military. Iran has always been a great power in the region. Don’t be fooled by a couple of tanks and planes; look at the big picture. Where are we compared to the rest of the world, not just some highly-populated Arab-run region of the world? Iranians are better than that. We taught the world to farm and govern while Europeans were living in caves and Arabs were nothing but nomads in deserts. I personally have higher expectations from my Persian government than what these Persian posers, with their Arabic ideaology, have been offering. You should too, X-Man.

    Peace Out!!

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