Georgia: Stop Russian Aggression

Writing on the newly renamed Peace in Georgia, Diana Chachua calls for immediate action from the international community. The blogger says that if the European Union and NATO tolerates Russian military action in Georgia “your country can be next.”


  • David DeSanto

    I have yet to hear much in the way of truth from any American news paper or Radio station or Tv or cable news about the So Called Russian aggression against Georgia. The Ignorance and BIAS of the American media is absolutely astounding and a real eye opener! I am now questioning almost all news i hear or see from USA sources as I believe all citizens of the USA should seriously do.
    Historical and Actual facts:

    Georgia was a province of Czarist Russia and the Soviet union.

    Georgia became independent when the Soviet Union Dissolved

    The 2 provinces in question are not Anxious to be part of Independent Georgia

    Russia has had troops in the 2 provinces in question for over 10 Years with out much international interest!!

    Georgia instigated the Agression against Russia and the 2 provinces in question just now1 WHY???

    Does any body in there right mind think Russia vould allow Georgia to do this?? The regional and International implications on Russia if she allowed Gerogis to Forcefully bring the 2 Provinces under her complete control when she has had troops there for over 10 years would have very bad effects on Russian Integrity, International, and regional standing.

    The truth is not in the News all I hear is Orwellian Double Speek and it is truly troubling!!

    I am not Pro Russian or Pro anything except Truth. And truth is more and more on the back burner if it is there at all. Thinking and rational thought on the news appears non existent. All I hear is labeling and name calling no thought thinking about what is really going on. Americans and many in the world need to Question there leaders and news media and official sources etc.

    More people need to get educated on true History there is so much more to know about the world. I have lots more to say but i shall keep it basic and see the response. Thank you

  • Daniel

    The truth is Russia doesn’t give a damn about it’s so called citizens in S.O. Just look at the way they have handled the refugees. They are giving children empty backpacks. They give about $4.50 in Russian currency to very few people, most they tell to take it up with the local city government. Many of them have had to rely on the Russian citizens themselves to take them in and shelter them and the government does near to absolute nothing for them.

    All Russia wanted was an excuse to get a military hard-on, and all they did was prove just how terrible their military is, how out of date their military is, how ill-prepared they are to deal with any sort of humanitarian aid, and piss a bunch of people off. I am willing to bet a lot money if those 2000 soldiers Georgia had helping in Iraq where in Georgia at the start of this Russia would have sustained far, far more damages and deaths.

    But what do I know, I’m just an American who watches CNN and FOX news 24/7 :D

  • Jeff

    This story continues to play out, as it has done innumerable times before. It’s not about right, it’s about might, and as far supporting any one of these countries, it simply a guess for anyone about which is the lesser of two evils.

    1. Several countries are simply too big: USA, Russia, China, India. Each of these have distinct internal ethnic and geographic differences that suit them all to be broken up into smaller pieces. Instead, we have organizations like the EU trying to aglommorate into yet another super-state!

    2. Each acts monolithically and unilaterally, most recently USA in Iraq, to “insure” its rights. This usually means steamrolling anyone who gets in the way.

    3. Each plays games with smaller countries, creating an ever-changing network of alliances.

    4. Each have something similar to the USA’s Monroe Doctrine, which says events external to the country can be preemptively and militarily corrected, if viewed as a threat to the country’s security. In particular USA seems to regard anything happening, anywhere in the world, as a potential threat, particularly if it concerns oil.

    5. Large size has several economies of scale, which strengthen the country. Large size also makes it a big target, which increases its level of paranoia.

    As far USA and Russia go, I have observed the following:
    The USA seems nearly completely dominated by large corporations. This has short-circuited the Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment. This explains why the news coverage has deteriorated to a Pravda-like level. The reported events in the recent Georgian escapade show this. It looks a lot like a botched CIA operation, but you wouldn’t know it from the reporting in the USA. The other thing about the USA, though, is it is obsessed with remote, long-distance warfare. This is why the Air Force is supported way beyond reasons. People seem to believe “precision” bombing and all the other fancy hardware gives it an advantage. It’s actually draining its wealth, since it is so expensive and has no productive value.

    Russia has no legal system, is pure Executive branch. Not only that, the day to day life is totally corrupt. Nothing happens without bribes and obeisance to Power. It’s like medieval China (well, current day China isn’t much different!) Also, it has a tradition of being willing to subject its inhabitants to the most cruel suffering. Even the peacetime Russian army is pure hell for those who have to serve; I guess this is just to keep them accustomed to being treated like dirt. Cruelness, corruption, and suffering seem to be institutionalized.

    Finally Russia has large oil reserves (but inexpertly run and in decline; their best people work in other fields). Consumption is rising, but population is declining. USA has nearly depleted oil reserves, but a completely disproportionate oil consumption level, compared to the rest of the world. It needs oil to keep its economy and war machine going. It’s just a matter of time it will enforce its supply line more aggressively.

    I would think the only thing that would avoid what is otherwise inevitable (widespread war) is if the USA could somehow reduce its domination by large corporations and become more energy independent. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility. On the other hand, I think the chance of Russia ever changing is next to zero. They seem to enjoy suffering, so the worse things are, the better.

    All smaller countries should carefully pick which mega-country they are allied with (best bet is with none, if possible). Ideologically, to take sides with any of these puts an individual at risk for eventual psychological damage, because you will be deeply disappointed, there is no doubt, no matter which country it is.

  • Toni

    Даже здороваться не буду. Комментарии по поводу Грузии и Южной Осетии.
    Я часто смотрю новости и вижу как там у вас в америке освещают это событие. Вы же все купленые своим государством. Всюду предвзятое отношение к России. Вы просто боитесь России. Тут как то прозвучало высказывание вашего политика о развязывании Россией новой холодной Войны, а на самом деле она, видимо, для вас и не заканчивалась. В ней был перерыв, который был связан с тем что наша Страна была ослаблена. А теперь вы вновь БОИТЕСЬ! И это ваше мнение – о холодной войне! Ваш политик о ней заговорил. Хотя ваше участие в подготовке ГЕНОЦИДА в Южной Осетии и так уже яснее ясного! Вы просто катитесь в пропасть со всей америкой и пытаетесь удержать позиции в мире. Сколько конфликтов уже было с вашим участием? Вы везеде суете свой нос! Сколько раз ваши войска вторгались на территории чужих стран? Пальцев на руках не хватит чтоб пересчитать! А теперь вы обвиняете в этом Россию. Ваше правительство – сборище фанатиков какой-то гнилой секты! Они слепы и до сих пор живут в середине века!
    Вы были в Южной Осетии??? Видели Что осталось от ее сел и городов??? Видели лица тех кто выжил??? Бог уже давно оставил вашу страну! Одумайтесь, пока не стало поздно!
    Я обращаюсь прежде всего к Американскому Народу! Перестаньте слепо верить вашим СМИ!!! Проявите силу! Иначе вы так и останентесь на всю жизнь марионетками, как и террористы, подогреваемые слепой верой в свою правоту! Учитесь признавать свои ошибки! Помогите людям потерявшим родных и свои дома! Остановите беспредел ваших политиков и военных, движимых жаждой денег и наживы! Не дайте вашей стране стать мировым тираном!
    А это – конгрессу!
    Вы – сборище тупых жирных ослов! Оторвите свои жопы от кресел! Хватит уже тупых законов! Заимитесь страной! Посмотрите на свой народ! Он всю жизнь живет в долг! Разве это свобода?
    И да проклянет вас Бог, если вы не одумаетесь!
    (Все вышесказаное – мое ЛИЧНОЕ мнение)
    На странице CNN данный комментарии разместить отказались и вообще зкрыли доступ. А по поводу Русской Армии – наглая ложь! Я служил в русской армии! Ваша армия – вот настоящий Ад! У нас с неуставными отношениями борются, а не легализуют их!


    “Ok buddy” I don’t know what planet you live on! Georgia is a sover country with borders and in those borders they govern! Russian presents keep this country unstable by providing protection for people who defiy it’s territorial integrity! Russia knows this little cuontry wants to join nato,so she makes a move to provok georgia territorial integrity,then claims georgia attacked the citizens of south ossetia,when russia provoked the ordeal. Now they played the chest game and need to be checked! The eviel empier broke it’s back during Regan militery buildup and left it’s country poor! Now energy prices sky rocket the country produces alot of oil and has began to get back to it’s old ways! AMERICA needs to put on the gloves again and put the bear back in it’s cage!

  • Yuriy

    >Georgia is a sover country with borders and in those
    >borders they govern!
    UN said in 1992 “No Georgian troops in South Ossetia”.

    May be it is hard to understand, that UN said in 1992 that SO is the part of Georgia, but Georgian troops can not be in SO. And Russian troops must protect SO citizens from Georgian troops. So, when Georgian troops attacked SO citizens, Russian troops started defend operation. Russian troops prevented killing more civilians.

    Remember, that Georgia started war… Georgian troops attacked Russian peacekeepers, that was in SO from 1992… Georgian troops killed 2100 civilians…

    Question to all: What is more important, lifes of 2100 civilians, or territorial integrity???

  • Toni

    Если у тебя хороший переводчик, то переведи это: “ТЫ ДАУН!”.
    Можешь и дальше смотреть свои тупые новости. Или можешь съездить туда и заткнутся! Америка Везде лезет со своими тупыми порядками! Зачем напали на Ирак? Это же суверенная страна! США нарушили ее границы! Это была агрессия!
    Так что читай выше.

  • robur

    sea of the lie. Why all world hate us?
    But Justice will be triumph, It’s our life’s law ))

  • Toni

    Ливия!!! Stop American agression!!!!

    Хватит тянуть лапы к чужой нефти!!!
    Скоро неожиданно там появятся русские десантники, которых так боятся все морские пехотинцы США))) и займут все стратегические точки, пока американцы допивают утреннюю колу и писают)))

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