Georgia: 10 Russian Planes Downed, 40 Tanks Destroyed

Regional Reporters [RU] quotes the Georgian government as claiming 10 Russian aircraft have been downed in the continuing conflict over South Ossetia and that 40 tanks have been destroyed. Two Russian pilots are reportedly receiving medical treatment in Tbilisi.


  • Onnik
    These are last news from LJ
    OSRADIO site_-official site of ossetian radio and TV again hacked-
    Georgian military troops were again kicked out from Tskhinval,olympic team of Georgia is coming back from Beijing to stay with the families in Tbilisi-
    Russian aircrafts tried to bomb Poti,georgian forces disturbed to it,on the other hand,Russian sea forces didn’t allow georgian military ships to reach to Abkhazia- put the photo of conflict on permanent base.
    Just remove my comment after using the info.

  • Carl Savich

    Yeah, right, and Saakashvili has taken Tskhinvali.

    Saakashvili has won in Ossetia. What a load of CIA-Mossad crap!

    If you go to Tskhinvali, you will see the rotting bodies of hundreds of dead Georgian soldiers all over the streets. The Russian and Ossetian troops wiped them out along with their CIA and Mossad “advisers” and trainers. There are also dozens of destroyed Georgian T-72 tanks in the city. The Ossetians wiped those guys out! Get out the body bags!

    I love how that psychopathic CIA/Mossad puppet Saakashvili said he was “withdrawing” from Ossetia. Yeah, sure, after all his soldiers got slaughtered and wiped out! They are withfrawing in body bags. What an insane Mossad stooge! He needs to be captured and tried for war crimes and for genocide. He should be hanged by his CIA/Mossad neck. That Likudnik CIA army in Ossetia got wiped out. Just go look at all the dead and rotting bodies of those Likudnik/neocon soldiers in Tskhinvali.

    Now Russia announced last Thursday, August 14, 2008 that it will recognize the independenc eof South ossetia and Abkhazia. Then they should go and arrest the CIA puppet psycho Saakashvili and hang him by his Mossad/CIA neck.

    Yeah, Mikhail Saakashvili, you won in Ossetia. That is what Mossad and Bill Kristol are telling you. But you will be hung by your Mossad/CIA neck once Russian and Ossetian forces capture you and hang you. You will swing, buddy! Also, the Russians killed over 200 hundred of your Georgian soldiers and wiped out your CIA/Likudnik army. Or is that a lie? Swing, baby, swing.

  • Carl Savich, you have been brainwashed too haven’t you?

    Just in case you did not know: The reason why Tskhinval is full of dead bodies is the Russian aviation bombings, that bombed soldiers and civilians.

    Russia must leave Georgia alone. Georgia is a democratic sovereign country being invaded by Russian Empire and it’s dictator, the Satan Putin.

    Russian Government has Russian people in slavery. I pitty those who think that Russian media says any truth. There is no freedom in Russia, it’s a dictator state that needs to be liberated.

  • egor

    to dear carl savage. you must be hell of a sun of a brooklyn bridge. today is sept,10. do you know where you brain is? do you reed news? i wonder why whole world, i mean civilised world not iran or syria or chavez, trying to defend georgia and its sovereignty? by the way, there were international commission in osetia and in georgia and not even one comment about killing innocent people or children. you must be so stupid to lie without preparing to it. tskhinvali was empty, evacuated and hidden in basements. there was ceasefire absorbed by georgian soldiers before interring tskhinval. so those who got killed were soldiers and not people buying bread for families, like it was shown on russian houses and schools were used by guerrilla fighters. and you are not too intelligent enough to use chip propaganda, you know massad or cia would use better methods to make people to believe. but your stupidity amuses me. thank you

  • Dimok

    I can see some yanks that were brainwashed by american propoganda! you are pretty narrowminded people, i really do feel sorry for you. If Georgia, i reapeat – if that is true that Georgia has started the war first, then Russia has done everything right, if i was them and someone would have started attacking my peacemakers and civilians in Tshinvali, i would have went and destroyed the whole military arsenal in Georgia! And by the way were were you Yanks talking about democracy and respecting sovereign of other countries when USA just started invading (wihtout asking anyone) Irak, Afganistan, Yugoslavia, Argentina, should i go on ???
    you YANKS are always right, arent you?

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