8 August 2008

Stories from 8 August 2008

Lebanon: An Italian Lesson for Lebanon

What are the similarities between Lebanon and Italy, other than the fact that they both overlook the Mediterranean? Blogger Antoun Issa, in his latest post at Lebanese Chess argues that his understanding of Italy’s political corruption can certainly be compared – both directly and indirectly to Lebanon’s political corruption as...

Russia: August Coincidences

  8 August 2008

In reference to the war in South Ossetia starting on the opening day of the Beijing Olympics, Ruslanas Iržikevičius of Lituanica notes that several catastrophes in Russia started while important events were happening in other parts of the world, and that quite a few of those happened in the month...

China: 43 Years Ago

  8 August 2008

Tiger Temple reminds people that on 8 of August, 1966, the Chinese Communist party has announced “the decision on proletarian cultural revolution”.

Nepal: Ex-Prince in Singapore

  8 August 2008

IZ Reloaded on the former prince of Nepal getting into trouble at a club in Singapore, provoking a lot of people to respond on his behaviour.

MENA: Obama's Muslim Outreach Coordinator Resigns

Mazen Asbahi, the attorney who had volunteered as Barack Obama's outreach coordinator to Muslim and Arab-Americans, has resigned after accusations of ties to Jamal Said, an imam at a fundamentalist mosque in Illinois. Asbahi briefly sat on the board of Allied Assets Advisors Fund with Said in 2000. Bloggers from the Middle East react in this post from Jillian York.

AIDS 2008: Battling AIDS By Battling Homophobia

  8 August 2008

As the XVII International AIDS Conference wraps up in Mexico City, one of the many issues participants have been discussing is the international failure to adequately address HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with other men, often referred to as MSM. SciDev.Net’s blog points out that: “In the 1980s, when...

Georgia: South Ossetia Update

  8 August 2008

With local and international media outlets reporting that fighting is spilling over into Georgia proper, the latest military confrontation with Russia over the breakaway region of South Ossetia looks increasingly like war. Bloggers from the region say signs are ominous.

Haiti: Child Labour

  8 August 2008

“Child slavery in Haiti may be the ultimate symbol of a state that has failed its most vulnerable members”: jmc strategies says that “key to ending child slavery in Haiti is creating long-term economic options for parents and access to quality education for children.”

Bahamas: Domestic Violence

  8 August 2008

“According to the radio news the death of my friend Bloneva Bethel was the ‘result of a domestic dispute’. Why was it not ‘€œan unnecessary death due to the failure of the Police to respond to a serious call for help in a timely manner?'” Weblog Bahamas draws attention to...