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China: Tibetan protesters raise flag outside Olympic stadium

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Global Voices Olympics [1]Still waiting (updating below) for more details, but Qik.com vlogger Noel Hidalgo [2] is at the scene and giving updates [3] via Twitter. Here's a video he took just a few minutes ago not far from the Olympic bird's nest [4]:

Noel has just finished uploading a second video, in which he reports that Chinese firemen have taken down one protester and one appears to be coming down the other pole; no sign of the third protester who was stationed on the ground as seen in the clip above:

Tweet timeline (Beijing time):

6:38am @noneck [5]:
Shoeed west away from tibetan protesters climbing polls outside of nest
6:42am @noneck [3]:
There is now a tibetan protester climbing a western poll. Moving to att pim for qik
7:14am @noneck [6]:
Wow! The locals are hot and bothered. Heading back to the hotel.
7:28am @noneck [7]:
Now i'm being followed by a little old lady who told the last cab driver to kick me out. On foot looking for other followers.
7:33 @noneck [8]:
Found a cab and now i'm heading for some coffee to chill for a bit.