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China: BBC lambasted for stock photo inaccuracy

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Global Voices Olympics [1]Following the fear-mongering [2] perpetuated this week by (actually [3] pro-surveillance) American senator Sam Brownback that China will be spying on attendees of the Olympics in their hotel rooms [4], anti-CNN.com has localized the story by looking at how the BBC covered it in the current anti-CNN front-page exposé post, ‘British Brain-washing Channel [sic] (BBC) Lies again!’ [5]



Following a search, we discovered that this photo has been used as “current” to accompany at least six times for news that spans eight years!

So following the one above, the anti-CNN.com community was able to dig up:


【06.10.25 BBC】异议人士李建平网上撰文被判监禁

Oct. 25, 2006
Dissident Li Jianping locked away for online writings
link [6]


【06.7.23 BBC】中国建立“互联网黑名单”

July 23, 2006
China establishes “internet blacklist”
link [7]

【02.09.23 BBC】The cost of China's web censors 中国网络检查的成本

Sept. 23, 2002
The cost of China's web censors
link [8]

【01.7.20 BBC】China acts on net ‘addicts’ 中国对网络'痴迷者'展开行动

July 20, 2001
China acts on net ‘addicts’
link [9]

【00.08.26 BBC】China tackles cyber squatters 中国打击“域名抢注”行为

August 26, 2000
China tackles cyber squatters
link [10]

And one user was even able to find another case, also from the year 2000:

【00.8.21 BBC】Jiang backs China's net growth 江泽民支持中国网络发展

Is this story just a summary? It might not count
Story seven
August 21, 2000
Jiang backs China's net growth

A few cherrypickings of the first of four pages and growing of comments on this thread:


‘China's Big Family':
This really makes a joke of western media journalists’ “professionalism”
Is it me or does this photo just look like two wujing [12] learning how to use the internet


We use LCD screens now, how could a photo with such an old monitor be called news? Do they think we haven't been developing here these past eight years? They can't even make fake news properly!


So in Western democracy's so-called press freedom, is being irresponsible the way to be responsible? Irresponsibility is just freedom? Sure, the West just wants China to be irresponsible, so that when it is, then they'll have their chance

see BBC Recycles Same Photo Over Eight Years [13], EastSouthWestNorth