Ethiopia: Violence or non-violence?

Ephrem Madebo of the blog Enset revisits the old debate of peaceful versus non-peaceful struggle for democracy in Ethiopia, after listening to a talk by Professor Mesfin.


  • brian

    No one group would be able to take power from the current government through violence. The government, EPRDF, is very experienced in guerrila warfare. The best available path is through the ballot box, and most probably the majority Ethiopians would still vote for Meles Zenawi’s government. Ethiopia has one of the brightest leaders in its modern times, better than the so called educated people with phd’s and so on who live abroad in comfort but provide no alternative ideas besides criticising the government’s policies.

  • Yebelay Lej

    This Geoverment do not represent All Ethiopians. About this goverment being the most experianced about gorila fighting let us worry about it. We will see what will happen at crunch time.

    This goverment will never give power willing the only option even if it is not what the country need is WAR.

    As far as most Ethiopians are concerned we are under colony …

  • Gabriel

    I think the future of Mr. Zenawi is no different from that of his friend, President Hassan Omar al-Bashir of Sudan: facing war crimes and crimes against humanity charges from ICC.It is up to Ethiopians to use whatever means is available to close the saddest life of their history.

  • wonder

    Elia, Where is your article?
    “Ephrem Madebo of the blog Enset revisits the old debate of peaceful versus non-peaceful struggle for democracy in Ethiopia, after listening to a talk by Professor Mesfin.” Does this “article” need a by-line? Just wondering!

  • Robso

    i think as Brain says EPRDF can bring beter life for all more the false 3000 years history.nomore the motherland for few.Ethiopia under meles is for all muslims and an Oromo fellow gaining my real histry under this system.that distroted by fuedals i say again nomore fuedalism

  • Wonder, as you correctly point out, this is not an “article” but just a link recommendation which appears in the links section of this site.

    And for those of you that feel compelled to enter the debate that Ephrem Madebo started, you can also leave your opinions on his blog Enset.

  • Gemegda

    Actually, Zenawi goverment will not leave its power by peaceful meanses as we have seen the last two election. In 2005 Zenawi slaughtered civilians for the simple reason that they protested against the govt’s wish to stay in power while the election showed otherwise. Therefore, whatever, they are experienced killers, all Ethiopians have to fight them rather than being killed by this cruel gov’t soldiers and manmade drought and facing misery life inflicted by the govt.

  • brian

    Gemegda,it is obvious we agree to disagree about the method of removing Meles’government but, what alternative leader do you have in mind, Hailu Shawel?,Berhanu Nega?…These are/were the so called leaders of an opposition in 2005 who didn’t even take a little time after their release from prison, to offer their condolences to the families of their supporters who died fighting/protesting for their cause.What do you think should be done about the “Federation of Ethiopia”? Do you think the different peoples and regions of the country should be governed by a strong central government from Addis? Criticising Meles’ government is very easy but, what are the alternatives?

  • aman

    To be honest , Zenawi is smart evel. he never represents Ethiopian people, but Tigray. we don’t have to forget the killings of innocent people rising in the so called democratic country. They are killing bright students, starving the farmer and innocent people. The gorilla fight every body is talking about? Their former gorillas don’t fight anymore because they are sleeping on gold. and living off of our oromo people’s resources.

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