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China: Search for the Kunming bus bombers

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Following the bus explosions in Kunming [1] yesterday, a report [2] from a local news website there on the armed police roadside ID checks has been made a feature story on Netease's news page, photos included:


While there isn't space for comments on the original Kunming-based Cailong China story, the number found on the Netease version [3] is growing quickly:

网易内蒙古赤峰网友 ip:222.74.*.*:
2008-07-22 15:57:04 发表

Inner Mongolia:
Arrest them, kill them, pardon none

网易河北唐山网友 ip:121.20.*.*:
2008-07-22 15:58:03 发表

No trial?

网易陕西西安网友 ip:125.76.*.*:
2008-07-22 16:08:25 发表

These guys are too evil
They must carry out strict checks, and take care of these society-attacking scum
To my suffering compatriots, I salute you!

网易山东菏泽网友 ip:219.146.*.*:
2008-07-22 16:28:31 发表

Extremists who disregard public safety and carry out terrorist activities will be punished by all the people of the world.
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Danwei [4] and Shanghaiist [5] have as usual been on top of the news. Shanghaiist links to a GoKunming post [6] which looks at the possibility that there were actually three explosions yesterday; a commenter at Danwei puts forward [7] a rumor that there as many as five. Also in the comments on Danwei's post is active China expat blog commenter Spelunker, who notes the wording [8] of an SMS text message which Kunming police have already confirmed was sent out prior to the first blast:

Evidently somebody in Kunming sent the following text message warning around 5:30 am before the bombings:

The Guardian translates it into English as:
“The general mobilisation of ants… (I) hope citizens receiving this message will not take bus lines 54, 64 and 84 tomorrow morning,”

Speculation so far on motive for the attack seems to have painted a group of disgruntled rubber farmers [9] not far from Kunming as the top suspects, so how do…ants figure in? Ants?? [10]