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Haiti: Woman PM?

kiskeácity reports that the woman to be nominated for the post of Haitian Prime Minister is battling “a vicious campaign of innuendo and allegations about her sexual orientation”, but her supporters are hopeful: “The final word is now in the hands of the Senate which will vote on the nomination next week.”

  • Alice B.

    Just so you know, Ms. Pierre-Louis was nominated for the position of Prime Minister, not President. In Haiti the President is elected by popular vote and then nominates a Prime Minister.

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  • My apologies, Alice B: that was an oversight on my part. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

  • Charles Arthur

    Another error. If selected, Michele Pierre-Louis would be the second female PM in Haiti’s history, not the first. The first was Claudette Werleigh who was Prime Minister in 1995.

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