Angry Arab: Israel Humiliated in Lebanon

“Israel has been humiliated in Lebanon in the last 2 decades, and its ability to inflict pain on Lebanon and the Lebanese without restraint or punishment (as it has done in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s) has been deterred,” writes The Angry Arab, as he watches news of the return of the Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli prisons to their homes.

Dr As'ad Abu Khalil's reaction is like that of many Arab bloggers and commentators, who view the release of the prisoners in exchange for two captured Israeli army reservists, as a victory for Lebanon.
He further adds:

What Israel has said (racistly) about all Arabs (that the only language they understand is the language of force) paradoxically applies to Israel itself. It also brings to mind–to my mind at least–that Yaser `Arafat was one of the worst people to preside over a revolution–any revolution. He so miserably mismanaged the confrontation with Israel, and did not treat Palestinian prisoners in Israel with the respect that they deserve. Muhammad Dahlan is the legitimate “child” of Arafat. And none of the Western coverage is pointing out the cruel and inhumane role of Ehud Barak in 1978: the man who shot Dalal Mughrabi while she was dead. He pulled her by the hair (only after she died as he would not dare do that to an alive Dalal) and mutilated her body before tearing her shirt off. Such are the sexual perversions of the former prime minister of Israel. And as for the details of the deeds of Dalal and her comrades, don't ever believe Israeli accounts of “enemy” operations. The state consistently lies and consistently fabricates. And that saying from the Babylonian Talmud applies to Israel: the punishment of the liar is that he is not believed even when he tells the truth. Just go back to my posts during the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006: I tried to catalogue the lies and fabrications of Israel during the war. Don't you remember the account of the three dead Iranian soldiers that Israel “found” in South Lebanon? Don't you remember that Israel claimed to be holding “hundreds” of bodies of Hizbullah fighters? (The number now it admits is five). I don't know what happened in 1979, but the family of Samir Quntar also denies the typically fabricated account that is put out by Israeli propaganda (repeated verbatim typically in the U.S. press). Quntar was 16 at the time and his brother Bassam has something to say about his brother in Al-Akhbar today. Israel lied about Munich and about every other confrontation with its Arab enemies, just as Arab governments lie. It is not easy for a state (Israel) that was founded on a racist ideology to accept that Arabs are like other people: that they cherish their dead and their living just like other…people

In another post, The Angry Arab asks:

Of course, the New York Times is busy producing propaganda and lies on behalf of the Israeli government. I was reading their accounts of the prisoner exchange and remembering the words of the late George Carlin: why are Israeli terrorists called commandos, and why are Palestinian commandos called terrorists. And there are always stories about the “victims” of Palestinian operations on Palestinian lands but never stories about the victims of Israeli crimes. Not one story about those Israeli “prisoners”: What were those Israeli occupation killers doing in Lebanon in the first place? And I hate how Israeli (and American and Saudi) propaganda keep referring to Israeli prisoners by their names, to humanize them. You will never see refer to them by their names here because I refuse to succumb to the media standards that distinguish between expensive human being, and the cheaper human beings. You want me to feel sorry for an Israeli pilot who was downed while dropping cluster bombs on villages and towns in South Lebanon? Are you kidding me?

Dr Abu Khalil continues to take offence to the news coverage or lack of in the US and says:

These are 197 dead bodies delivered by Israel to Lebanon in the prisoner exchange. The two dead Israeli soldiers have received more coverage those those 197 dead Arab bodies. Hell, dead Israeli soldiers receive more coverage than all the Arab living. Such are the racist standards of the White Man. This explains why MEMRI sent out a bulletin today protesting that Fath's PLC members (from Fath movement, for potato's sake) honored Dalal Al-Mughrabi (the “professional” propaganda outfit, MEMRI, labeled dead Dalal as a “terrorist”). According to Zionism, even dead Arabs (women, children and the rest) are terrorists. If Dalal was a terrorist, does not that make Ehud Barak a Super-terrorist? Those dead Arab bodies are not all Hizbullah: only 9 belong to Hizbullah fighters. 17 belong to the Lebanese Communist Party, 22 to SSNP, and 30 to the Amal Movement. The rest belong to various Arab countries: they died fighting in Lebanon for Lebanon and for Palestine. They all (148 of them) belonged to various Palestinian organizations. Some were from Tunisia. But make no mistake about it: the supply of Arabs willing to fight Israeli occupation will never deplete. Never.
PS I posted this before I read the New York Times. Sure enough, there was not a single picture of a funeral for the dead Arab bodies. Instead, the New York Times have been publishing pictures of Israeli tears for THREE DAYS IN A ROW, including today when the news is the arrival of the 197 bodies.


  • Pure Palestinian

    how Strange and stupid is the way Dr Abu Khalil hates Yassir Arafat!.. ok i may agree or not agree on many parts. but his being part of a political movement that doesnt totally agree with the political line of Yassir Arafat, should not make someone like Dr Abu Khalil (who claims patriotism and being objective) to be so ignorant about everything Yassir Arafat done and led, the situation in palestine is waaay different than it is in Lebanon .. the seige that been against Arafat for all his resistance years is nothing comparable with the open resources Hizbullah gets.) in spite of all that, Arafat led the wars since 1956, 1965, 1978 invasion, and in 1982 and he could resist 3 times longer than what Hizbullah did in South Lebanon and it was agaisnt the biggest military invasion of all times Israel did against any arabic country…. yet, even Arafat planted and helpped and co-funded all “resistance” forces in lebanon (including hizbullah the thing that hizbullah leaders dont deny), and Arafat moved from Lebanon into palestine after leading the uprising, and thousands of thousands of fighters came back with him, and thousands were out of isreali jails.. and at the end he led the 2nd Intifada of AlAqusa, and he was killed at the end for all what he have done… .. yet mr. Dr Abu Khalil dont see that, and he said “mismanaged” i wonder who did better? would u abu khalil do better????????!

  • Pure Palestinian,
    I am not sure if you read Asaad daily, the man doesnt believe in “objectivity” in the first place to claim he is, he is an observer, a critical observer, here he is by no mean supportive of Hezbolla, but he is indeed an opposer of Arafat’s policy that was responsible of Oslo in which the palestinians went back to round zero.

    Arafat is a smart politician even though i dont like him one bit, he is smarter than Abbas and Mish3al, but he is no way strategically smart like Nassralla. Nassralla achieved with Israel and the US along with the Arab leaders like no one did, can’t you see? those who killed Al Hariri wanted to change the region to US/Israeli camp, Hezbolla messed it all up. Hezbolla created a local version of history basically.

  • tal forkosh

    And none of the Western coverage is pointing out the cruel and inhumane role of Ehud Barak in 1978: the man who shot Dalal Mughrabi while she was dead. He pulled her by the hair (only after she died as he would not dare do that to an alive Dalal) and mutilated her body before tearing her shirt off. Such are the sexual perversions of the former prime minister of Israel????.

    excuse me?????????????

    On the morning of March 11, 1978, Dalal Mughrabi and her Palestinian Fedayeen unit of eleven members (including one other woman) landed by Zodiac boats on a beach near Ma’agan Michael north of Tel Aviv, having departed from Lebanon. They killed Gail Ruban an American photographer who was taking nature photographs nearby, and then hijacked a bus full of Egged bus drivers and their families on a day outing, on the Coastal Highway.
    in the end of the story they:
    killed thirty five civilians, thirteen of them children, and wounded seventy-one civilians.

    and u writing about Ehud Barak and his bad moral behavior?????????

  • Pure Palestinian

    Dear Razan,
    As I see, even your view can’t escape the fact that “you don’t like Arafat one bit”, ok let’s make a quick review here. Arafat led Palestinians from below zero, from refugees, to freedom fighters, no one denies that Fateh, and the resistance and battles that Arafat led (in Jordan, and even in 1973 war, and after that in Lebanon until the 1st and 2nd Intifadas) restore the Palestinian identity and the lost vision, and made the world recognize the Palestinian people, and forced it to deal with Palestinians as a people with rights, not as a human case of refugees that need food and tents. It seems you are either too young that you didn’t live that period, or you don’t know about them, but the problem is that Arabs always have short memory.. I don’t need to list all what Arafat did during his long struggle years… above that it is even illogical to compare him to any of the leaders we see today (including Hasan Nasrullah -with my full respect-) .. Arafat is -by all means- the Master, and the Starter, while others were just followers… Still I will give u some hints to compare.. Arafat lived all his live under siege by Arabs, by Muslims, by USA, and by Israel, still in 1982 war, he led the war and caused Israelis the highest number of loses and casualties they ever had, and he resisted for 3 months against a total invasion (not just air bombing) with no one to back him up (no Arabs, no Iran, no Syria, none at all) and this is much bigger than all what Hezbollah done, considering all what Hezbollah gets from Iran and Syria… and if u say that killing AlHariri was to make Lebanon a US/Israeli camp. This is (as well) nothing compared to what Arafat faced… For example, in the Lebanon, Arafat led the biggest war against US/Israel camp’s forces (such as Lebanese forces, Lebanese Kataeb, etc.) and he protected all resistance forces in Lebanon under his wing.. and even against the Syrian forces that entered Lebanon to save AlKataeb and stop Arafat. Later Israel decided to do the Job itself by the 1982 invasion, .. yet Arafat survived that after planting all Lebanese resistance forces (including Hezbollah), moreover, after that some forces like AlKataeb and Lebanese forces along with Syria and Amal movement (Nabeh Berri’s) started a huge war against the Palestinian camps that caused many massacres.. After all that Arafat was asked as he was leaving Beirut, “what is your destination now?” he said “to Palestine”, people at that time considered him crazy.. Yet he did it.. ok many people don’t agree on Oslo agreement, I don’t understand why! especially that they know none about its details… it came after a long Intifada and after Palestinian forces were banished by Arabs from all surrounding countries. At that time ALL Palestine was occupied. What did we have in hand? NOTHING, ZERO, and below zero!… When u say Oslo brought Palestinians back to zero, I wonder what did we have in hand before?.. still Arafat Managed to utilize everything and forced the world to recognize PLO and the Palestinian People, and for the 1st time there is a core of a Palestinian state, and DONT forget Oslo is NOT a peace agreement, it is a TEMPORARY agreement.. This agreement allowed thousands of Palestinian fighters to come back to homeland (those where the fuel of the 2nd Intifada) and it freed thousands of Palestinian prisoners.. and allowed many Palestinian leadersto go back home (including leaders in Hamas and jihad and Shaabiah, and others) and for the 1st time Israel is withdrawing from a Palestinian land that is between the Mediterranean and dead sea!! There is a HUGE difference between South Lebanon Land (which was just a security border of few miles where they never planted a settlement) and the west bank, and Gaza strip which are considered Holy lands according to their sick Jewish beliefs. Yet Arafat Managed to do it from nothing, from below zero. Then he founded Aqsa Martyrs bridges, Lijan AlMoqawama Alshaabiah, and many other military forces inside Palestine to carry on, and supported and made the cover for all other forces including Hamas, Jihad and Shaabiah. And in Camp David negotiations he didn’t give away a single right of the Palestinian people in spite of all pressures of USA and Israel (that many independent Arab and none-Arab countries can’t take) and the deliberate disregard by Arabs. And then he led the 2nd intifada, and he resisted in his small office for 3 years, and at the end he was killed. ( I wonder if mr abu khalil or all those who criticize him can endure such situation!)
    And you know the biggest achievement he made? It is the independent Palestinian decision.. he is the only one who founded a political and revolutionary Palestinian independent force. He was not a tail of Iran, Syria, Jordan, USA nor Israel. And that’s why he and his organization is fought by all this way.
    (By the way PLO under Arafat Leadership managed much bigger exchange operations than all what Hezbollah managed to do)

    On strategic level, and on military level, he is the one who made the real history.

    As For Hezbollah, I have a great respect, but when u see Hezbollah leaders say “the files with Israel are closed now” by this exchange operation, and when u remember that no single bullet was shoot on Palestinian borders since Israeli withdrawal in 2000, and when you see the Lebanese army and UNIFIL are now on borders, and Hezbollah forces are behind Allytani river… wake up people!, Israel has done all what it wanted, they are securing their northern borders. Now Syria is involved in peace negotiations, Iran is in negotiations with USA, just today an Iranian vice-president said “Iran is a friend to the US and Israeli people”.. and Hezbollah is ready to negotiate its weapons with Lebanese parties.. Wake up people!, what happened in Lebanon before al-doha agreement was not a war against US camp! Look closer! It was a war against a single sect!.. Even USA and Israel praised Doha agreement that came in favor of “Hezbollah” and its allies!!

    At the end, You can NEVER compare Palestine to Lebanon: south Lebanon is not West bank nor Gaza nr 1948 lands! Arafat’s war was aiming the heart of Israel, while Hezbollah’s war was feet of Israel (this term was used by Hasan Nasrullah himself) THERE is big difference. Do I need to explain this more?

    One last question… I wonder how come you, abu khalil, Arabic regimes, USA and Israel, have ONE thing in common?!!
    You all hate Arafat so much!!!!!

    • @ Pure Palestinian from PROUD Lebanese

      Lebanon cannot compare to Palestine? Are you serious? We welcomed the Palestinians into our country and in return you created a state within a state. Your men raped our women, killed our children and we still welcomed you. Our people became divided because of your crimes. Habibte remember this I am MUSLIM LEBANESE, Im not Christian, but you Palestinians have a major problem. You dont think our land is sacred to us? So you think you have the right to come to our land and go to South Lebanon and cause problems for the people there??

      Go read the book by Robert Fisk, Abduction of Lebanon pity the nation. This describes exactly what your “freedom” fighters did. You want to fight for freedom fight from inside Palestine. Dont fight from our line and get our people killed and our land taken away.

      I would have to say you are the most ignorant person. Arafat was an idiot who didnt achieve anything for the Palestinians, he is not even a Palestinian he is Egyptian.

      Yeah South Lebanon is not West Bank nor Gaza, we are Lebanese, South Lebanon is Lebanon. And a total of 100,000 and more were killed because of you Palestinians. You endangered the Lebanese and put us at risk and put your own Palestinian refugees in our country at risk. You gave Israel an excuse to invade and attack another Arab country. You gave Israel an attack to find you and attack you. And to destroy our land and to divide our people. When Israel arrived in West Beirut what did Arafat, the PLO and Fatah do? They gave up.

      So no Lebanon is not like Palestine, Palestine was screwed by the Zionists and the Lebanese felt bad for you and we really tried to give you a home. But we Lebanese were screwed by you Palestinians for being so kind to you.

      You started our civil war by attacking Damour and killing the INNOCENT people, bodies of dead women were found who had been raped by your “freedom” fighters. Is this what Allah asks of a God Muslim? Shame on you I dont want people then representing my religion. Do you think Hassan Nasrallah would rape a women? Hezballah AVOIDS civilian deaths, your men went out of their way to kill civilians. The Israelis are not innocent in this trust me I know this. But God forgive ur men for bringing hell to Lebanon, God forgive them for provoking a response from the Israelis. God forgive you for the 20 year occupation we suffered, many of us fellow Muslims because of ur groups.

      Hassan Nasrallah is a real man you can never compare your petty Arafat to him. After 18 years Hezballah OUR LEBANESE RESISTANCE MEN liberated South Lebanon. We fought for OUR land which had come under attack because YOUR people were fighting for their land. Dont ever bring your problems to us, I used to feel with the Palestinians but after I read your comment Im disgusted by you.

      Hezballah is not a tail of any country, it was created in Lebanon and it is SUPPORTED financially by other countries. Arafat and the PLO were supported as well by the Syrians, the Syrians supported by the Russians.

      Your sick in the head you said: There is a HUGE difference between South Lebanon Land (which was just a security border of few miles where they never planted a settlement)

      Just a security border LMAO are you serious, Lebanon takes a 2 hour drive top to bottom. This “border” extended from Nabatiyeh to the North part of Palestine/Israel. That is ALL of South Lebanon. The majority of the countries population comes from this area. WTF are you talking about.

      At one point in 1982, Israel occupied an area of Lebanon that extended from the Lebanese-Israeli border to the border of Tripoli in North Lebanon including the Lebanese mountains and Beirut, the Lebanese capital. Israel was forced to withdraw from most of these territories due mainly to successful warfare by the Lebanese national resistance Hezballah. As a result, the Israeli occupation was confined around in 1998 to villages in South Lebanon and the Western Bekaa, 158 villages total. Small strip LMFAO, thats not only my village that was occupied, but my mother’s, my mother’s mother and my father’s mother! and all of my friends as well.

      You ignited our civil war and that wasnt enough for you, you had to keep attacking the Israelis from our border and put OUR people and OUR land and risk. What happened to you??

      the files with Israel are closed now…so what?!! what do you want him to do? destroy his country for you?!! do you think the people will respect him if he does this? no, just as a lot of your people disown anyone who harms them, who disown people who get us harmed for someone else. Nasrallah can give u advice but in the end u guys have to take it urself, he is a very smart man and he will not fight a war for others. And you dont know where Hezballah is! Hezballah does not hide, they are just not sloppy like your fighters. Like the newscaster said, comparing Hamas to Hezballah is like apples and oranges. Hezballah only opperates when it has to, its a resistance, it did its job it got the Israelis out of Lebanon, but they still control one part of our land, Shebaa Farms.

      You said;(By the way PLO under Arafat Leadership managed much bigger exchange operations than all what Hezbollah managed to do)

      Are you delusional?? Exchange operations what do you mean exactly LOL.

      you said: On strategic level, and on military level, he is the one who made the real history

      LMAO, what did he get you?!!!! On a strategic level do you know what he got you? A crappier deal! If he never instigated the 1967 6 day war you would have kept all the other hours of Palestine, you would have had more population! You would have not been today crammed into 2 small spaces. You would have more room and power to grow stronger and then fight. He basically took you from having half of a piece of bread, to a tiny crumb that has holes. Your fighters would have had a better chance if the 6 day war NEVER happened because the Israelis grabbed a lot of Lebanon, they really established their selves well during this time. So that just popped your bubble of strategy and military. He had neither, but what he did have was passion a passion to fool his people and lead them to a path that would destroy them. He would not give up Palestinian rights?? No instead he gave up Palestine.

      Israel securing its North border LOL so what?!!! the Israeli’s dont have the balls to shoot or attack Lebanon right now. The only way they will shoot at us is if ur Palestinian gunmen come & shoot at them. And I highly doubt that will happen Im sure Hezballah wont let the sloppy PLO fighters anywhere near the border who will start a war on purpose.

      And did you not want a prisoner swap? The longest held Arab by an Israeli, Samir was released…Yasser couldnt do this.

      Yeah you cant compare Lebanon to Palestine. the Lebanese took control of their destiny even after you tried to destroy our country, the PLO, the Israelis, the Syrians and the Americans you all had a hand in this. But once again ;) elhamdillah God stood by us. You cant aim at the heart sometimes. Sometimes you have to hit the foundations first. When u hit the foundations/the feet, everything else comes crashing down, the heart crushes itself ;) If that was yasser arafat he would have said we crushed the Israelis blah blah blah, at least Nasrallah was being modest.

      When you have respect for Lebanon and the Lebanese, then we will have respect for you because in the beginning we respected you and trusted you. You disrespected us.

  • Pure Palestinian

    As for u tal forkosh… you seem so ignorant to know that Dalal Aimed military forces, if any civilians were killed, they were killed by and because of the stubborn bloody mentality of Israeli leaders… the one who opened fire was Ehud Barak .. and he was the responisble of killing civilians. Dalal AlMaghribi is a hero that humilated Israel, more than anyone could do, she librated all the palestinian coast, and there will be thousands of Dalal.

  • Emad

    If the most victory Arab can claim is to have humiliated israel which still occupies the land and man then Arab are in deed in a big shit.

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