18 July 2008

Stories from 18 July 2008

Israel: The Ugly Face of Lebanon

“Yesterday the world was treated to an image of Lebanon that was ugly as can be. […] The Lebanon we saw yesterday simply did not correspond to the kindhearted, friendly Lebanese we have always known,” writes Jewlicious, in response to the festivities which greeted the return of the Lebanese prisoners...

Israel: Law to Prohibit Exchanges

“We need to pass a law prohibiting the exchange of murderers or anyone convicted of a violent crime for kidnapped Israelis, soldier or civilian, alive or dead. Gilad Shalit needs to be the last such exchange that is made,” writes Israeli blogger Yael.

Ghana: On the medal controversy

  18 July 2008

Ghana Unite for Development comments on the recent gold medal controversy in GhanaCan we really continue producing gold here in Ghana: “I was really surprised when I read that the award medals were purchased for the total price of £740,000 from a jeweler in UK […] Can we really continue...

Egypt: Is Kuntar Worth it?

“Too many people are jovial about the return of Samir Al Kuntar, with even Nasrallah informing him that the 2006 war was for him. The question I would like to pose here, regardless of whether or not Kuntar is a child killer , is it worth it?” writes Sandmonkey, from...

Lebanon: Return of Prisoners – Part 2

Moussa Bashir takes a second look at the posts of Lebanese bloggers and their reactions to the latest prisoner swap with Israel. While some are celebrating - others are warning that the swap is yet another victory of Hezbollah. More reactions to follow soon.

Kenya: Matatu hip-hop

  18 July 2008

AfricanHipHop posted a music video by radio presenter Jimmy Gathu from around 1992, which he describes as follows: “not only is it one of the first ever rap videos in Kenya, it also gives a unique view into [matatu] culture as it was back in the days”.

Angry Arab: Israel Humiliated in Lebanon

“Israel has been humiliated in Lebanon in the last 2 decades, and its ability to inflict pain on Lebanon and the Lebanese without restraint or punishment (as it has done in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s) has been deterred,” writes The Angry Arab, whose views on the latest prisoner swap between Lebanon and Israel are compiled in this post.

Nelson Mandela, 90 years

  18 July 2008

Nelson Mandela is 90 years old today and the celebrations have crossed the borders of South Africa to make the world sing happy birthday and clap hands together. Join the celebrations with this round up of many happy returns from the African continent.

Madagascar:Fistula and Early Marriages.

  18 July 2008

Mialy, a blogger in Antananarivo, describes the plight of young married girls in rural areas who are subject to health and social concerns stemming from early pregnancy (fr). She explains that fistula, a consequence of giving birth at an early age, results in incontinences and therefore health complications compounded with...

Lebanon: Arabs and the News

“New York Times and other U.S. newspapers casually publish articles by Israelis and Zionists calling for the bombing of this Arab or that Muslim country. Would the New York Times publish articles by Arabs who call for bombing of Israel?” asks The Angry Arab News Service.

Argentina: Senate Rejects Tax Hike on Agricultural Exports

  18 July 2008

The Argentinean Senate recently rejected the proposal to increase taxes on agricultural exports. The poll ended with a tie of 36 votes, and the country's Vicepresident broke the tie with his vote against the retentions. Such decision is a victory for the sectors linked to the so-called “countryside." This continues the internal political crisis of unpredictable consequences for the Kirchner's Government, which still has three more years to govern.

Tanzania: On language and unity

  18 July 2008

Kenyan blogger Jerry Okungo, writing at Siasa Duni, comments on “the realisation that Tanzanians may not be as good masters of Kiswahili as the rest of East Africa may think” and on last week's decision by the Tanzanian Parliament “that the country had abandoned Ujamaism—the country’s version of socialism”. And...

Macedonia: Traditional Media Demonize Gamers

Two influential Macedonian media outlets, Dnevnik daily and A1 TV, have recently published technophobic articles portraying the gamers as menace to society, using language bordering on hate speech. Filip Stojanovski reviews the reactions of Macedonian bloggers.

Saudi Arabia: Legal Question

“I was disappointed to read that a committee from MOJ [Ministry of Justice] is working on the US$ 1.86 plan the King ordered to overhaul the judicial system in the country. How can the very same people who created, or inherited, the current system, and didn’t see anything wrong with...