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Blogger lampoons Senegalese singer's foray into politics

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Senegalese singer, Demba Dia [1], eying the mayoralty of a district in Dakar, has announced his own political party.

Blog Politique au Senegal thinks Dia's candidacy is hardly serious [2] [Fr]…

…il ne cite personne, ne se fâche avec personne, ne se positionne par rapport à rien et n'a pas l'imagination débordante vu le programme qu'il se fixe.

…he names no one, is angry at no one, does not position himself in relation to anything and isn't exactly overflowing with imagination as judged by the platform he has laid out.

…but neither is politics in Senegal!

Blog Politique au Senegal posts this cartoon, which reads:When politicians are buffoons, it's only natural that entertainers become involved in politics.”

Of course, the phenomenon of entertainers, actors, rock stars, footballers, getting involved in politics is hardly unique to Senegal.  Chrisou, a reader, comments:

Je ne suis pas sénégalais… mais l'affiche et le slogan me plaisent beaucoup! On pourrait même l'adopter dans pas mal de pays…

I am not Senegalese…but I really liked the cartoon and the slogan!  It could even be applied in more than a few countries…

There's not a lot about Demba Dia online, but here is one of his music videos on YouTube, posted by a member who calls Dia “the King of Mbalakh Rock.”