Ethiopia: Singer Teddy Afro still in jail

Addis Journal reported that singer Teddy Afro (popular for his protest songs) celebrated his 32 birthday yesterday in jail awaiting his trial. Mamá Etiopía [Es] posted the link to an online petition to free him saying: “… we have no idea if Teddy Afro is guilty or innocent. But we have no doubt in joining the petition for a fair and speedy trial, without delaying tactics and without infringing anyone's right to defend himself”.


  • Samrawit

    Hello there….this is Samrawit from Awassa,Ethiopia.

    Yaa Teddy may or may not has guilt but he should get speedy trail…..In my opinion what is happening to Teddy is a sign/message for any one who has opposing idea with the ruling party that thay can do what ever they want and can keep them in jail for how long regardless of any legal process……how long shoild one wait in jail to get decision from courts…. thank u.

    Its not surprising the rulling party doing like that for they have ignored Mothers and Children dying of starvation in Shashemene area….but forced to see what is ongoing only after the news has been transmitted across the CNN…..Thank u

  • I love u Teddy the persident of Ethiopia has problem because he cant put Teddy in jail that not makesunce to anybody becasue we need God to help us so Teddy is part of that we like pease freedom but melss he is not part of that so melss he need to laren from Teddy what was pease or should go to church uselways he cant make any decision. Love Teddy afro.

    • ?????

      This is for Mi Te sorry but what do u mean by “The persident of Ethiopia has problem because he cant put Teddy in jail” if TEDDY AFRO has killed some one “as they say” then he sould be punishment for what he has done just becosue teddy afro is a singer we sould’t feel sorry for him but feel sorry for the family that are faceing grief DON’T U THINK

  • medi

    teddy rocks, u are always in my prayers.
    one love.

  • Love Teddy death for meles

  • mikiman

    Teddy Afro must be in jail.what he did was so shame.hitting someone with and try to get away with that? Who does he think he is an innocent person.GET LOST!!!!

  • netsanet

    teddy afro is innocent. the gov is not.

    how long innocent teddy have to stay in jail. we want

    fair trial. free our hero as soon as possible.

  • Tseday

    Ethiopian Judge! Please stop this childish work and speed up the decision for this poor Ethiopian Singer Teddy Afro. Let him to do something for our beloved poor Ethiopia. We are so poor, therefore, we should run to eradicate poverty and hunger than to make a revange on poor people. Rather than revanging, we should work hard to compute with other countries throughou the world. We sould think about: harmoney, hard work and unity rather than westing time on this silly thing. World is thinking about globalization, Please! Please!

    Thank you!!

  • Morgane

    Hi ! One thing is for sure : Teddy Afro is a free man in his soul, and he knows everybody is standing for him. They will soon have to let him out f jail ! Too much pressure on them!
    By the way, I’d like know if anybody could help me to find the english ranslation of ‘Yasteserial “? I’ve tried on the Web but no way I xould find it. Also, its official site is closed since months now ! Please help !
    Ths in advance !

  • Rv.B2

    Hey,all!! We as a progressive generation of Africa don’t want to deny the fact that Teddy Afro is the symbol of the actual new generation of Ethiopia. Let pray for him and let God help him to be free from this kind treshy ……..

  • mikiman

    hey come on people. How sure are you that Teddy Afro is innocent. Do you even have a prove. I don’t think so. Just because he is innocent that doesn’t mean he is innocent. I admire Teddy’s work really i do. But hen it comes to this kind of situation you have to admit that unless there is a prove that he is innocent we can’t say he is innocent.If he is innocent may God be with him all the way and help him. But if hr is guilty he must be punished cuz crime is crime and there is punishment

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