China: Noise games

Global Voices OlympicsAlways a cynic and hardly a hater, humor blogger Wang Xiaofeng posted this today (and only this) with the title ‘noise games’, a play on the Chinese word for the Olympic games:


  • Zictor

    Not bad, but the Chinese pun sounds much better than the English one.

    Maybe the word Noise and Olympics crossing at the “O” would be better.

    Most of the comments to that post were of people who wanted those shirts.
    But what were the longer ones about? My Chinese isn’t that good.

  • Ben

    Ouch – that’s cute!

  • Spelunker

    A much better idea would have the original Chinese characters 北京闹运 (Beijing Nao Yun) displayed prominently across the chest with no English.

    Now that’s a shirt I would buy and wear in front of the Bird’s Nest stadium.

    Want another wise idea for a T-shirt? How about this one? Since 中国加油 (Go China!) is now banned from banners at Olympic arenas, I would love a T-shirt that says: 中国加油 on the front and “中国加自由” (China add freedom!) on the back in traditional Chinese style calligraphy.

    You could make a lot more money than Wang Xiaofeng with these 2 creative ideas! Good luck!

  • Bob

    My first thought is that it’s No Olympic

  • Spelunker

    That was my first thought as well, Bob. In fact the Danwei link that brought me to this website said “NOlympics T-shirt” which I assumed was intended to mean “No Olympics!”

    Here’s another funny bit: when I try to type Beijing Nao Yun (北京闹运) in Chinese characters on my computer the pinyin automatically translates it as 北京脑晕!
    (Beijing brains dizzy)

  • The first longer comment is saying it’s a shame HK people are more excited about the Olympics than Beijing people are, how HKers lined up overnight at the bank to get the new Olympic RMB 10 bills. A discussion ensues over whether those people are more excited about the Olympics or about the money.

  • Zictor


    “中国加自由” Was a brilliant idea, loved it.

  • Knights

    ya, you china-hater bastards are so shameless


  • Spelunker

    It’s OK to be a little shameless when you’re trying to sell T-shirts. I’m actually a China-lover.

  • chan

    Who is selling the T-shirt over here at GVO ? How much is it ?
    Our big boss JK is diversifying his business? :-) ha ha

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