14 July 2008

Stories from 14 July 2008

St Vincent & The Grenadines: Bollywood Magic

  14 July 2008

From St Vincent and the Grenadines, Lullabies, Fairy Tales and Other Self Delusions sees Jane Austen through an Indian film director's eyes—that's when he begins to realise he can't resist the attraction of Bollywood movies.

Trinidad & Tobago: Polluted Olympics

  14 July 2008

Looking ahead to the Olympics next month, Trinidad's Life from a caffeine hyped point of view says pollution is a sobering reality of these Games. Seeing photos of pollution, she says “makes you almost wish that Beijing was still The Forbidden City, and one cannot help but be saddened by...

MENA: Reactions to the Mediterranean Summit

As over 40 leaders from the Mediterranean region gather in France for the inauguration of the new Union for the Mediterranean, the blogosphere is filled with mixed feelings. Jillian York checks up on the Middle Eastern and North African communities, bringing us reactions from Morocco to Syria.

Brazil: Senate pays 30,084.61 USD a month for banner

  14 July 2008

Carlos Cardoso [pt], from Contraditorium blog, secured a major scoop ahead of any media: according to him, the Brazilian Senate pays US$ 30,084.61 a month for a small advertising banner on the rather obscure website www.paraiba.com.br, which is number 208,667 in the Alexa ranking. See the links to he proves...

Jamaica: Press Freedom

  14 July 2008

Jamaican blogger Diatribalist uses news clips showing an ugly interaction at a council meeting to illustrate how the media self-censors itself.

Jamaica: Conference Call

  14 July 2008

Active Voice gives an insightful report on a number of note-worthy academic gatherings, including the conference held in honour of the eminent Jamaican-born sociologist and poet MG Smith.

Cape Verde: No money for lifeguards?

  14 July 2008

“How to explain that there is no money to pay for lifeguards in our beaches, where more and more people have died? How come? Where do all fees and taxes paid in this land go then?”, asks Maktub, from Praia, Cape Verde.

Egypt: Freedom House Report

The annual Freedom House report on Egypt is out, writes Ibn Al Dunya, who adds: “I was most fascinated by their brief historical outline, and must confess that i had trouble in galvanizing strength to read on.”

Saudi Arabia: Pious Wife Beating

From Cairo, Tom Gara posts a video [Ar] featuring a Saudi clergyman preaching on how to discipline wives. He adds: “This clip of a Saudi cleric explaining how to properly beat your wife is pure poetry – you couldn't make more perfect anti-Saudi propaganda if you tried.”

China: Why did China veto sanctions against Zimbabwe?

  14 July 2008

Independent blogger Ruan Yifeng on Beijing's relationship with repressive governments: "What's more, while Beijing plays the role of "friend to the dictators" in negotiations with the US, it also stands to gain from the spoils. The North Korean nuclear crisis is a perfect example."