9 July 2008

Stories from 9 July 2008

Armenia: Political Football

Unzipped comments on an opinion piece by Armenia's new president published by the Wall Street Journal in which Serge Sargsyan hopes that September's Armenia-Turkey football World Cup qualifying match in Yerevan can be the catalyst for amicable relations between the two countries. Currently the border between Armenia and Turkey is...

Guyana: Carifesta X

  9 July 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana looks beyond the challenges of life in Guyana, and celebrates Caribbean women writers, as she prepares for the regional cultural festival, Carifesta.

Hong Kong: Sexy Photo Victim

  9 July 2008

A Hong Kong netizen uploaded photos from the Edison Chan sexy photogate to an overseas server and linked it back to local forum was sentence to three weeks detention without bail while waiting for the sentence in the district court. Ip Iam Chong wrote a commentary at inmediahk.net, pointing out...

India: Angry Hindus

  9 July 2008

Indian Muslims Blog on the concept of an “Angry Hindu” who complains when concessions are made for Muslims on religious grounds, not quite realizing that Hindus receive similar concessions as well.

Japan: Bloggers on food crisis feast, G8 over Skype?

  9 July 2008

The G8 Summit at Toyako, Hokkaido, ended on June 9th after three days of meetings, leaving a bitter aftertaste for some bloggers in Japan. Many questioned the high cost of the event, pointing out how environmentally unfriendly it was, and one even proposed that the meeting could be better carried out over Skype.

Cuba: The US and Cuban Oil

  9 July 2008

An article on negotiations between Brazil's Petrobras and Cuba prompts The Cuban Triangle to consider the implications of oil exploration in Cuba's Gulf reserves.

Palestine: Murder or terror rampage?

"Only Arabs are terrorists" reads the subject heading on a Palestine's blog, referring to the headlines such as "Bulldozer terror rampage in Jerusalem" splashed across Israeli and foreign newspapers after a Palestinian living in Jerusalem drove a bulldozer down a crowded street in West Jerusalem. See some of the reactions.

Myanmar: Alter charges against blogger Nay Phone Latt

  9 July 2008

Mizzima news reported that the charges to blogger Nay Phone Latt was altered and a new charge has been applied. “Under section 32(b) of the Video Act, he is facing a maximum of six months in prison but now faces a maximum of seven years in jail under the new...

Myanmar: Salt Prices

  9 July 2008

New Mandala states that “25,430 acres of salt pans were submerged and 29,545 tons of salt damaged after the Cyclone Nargis. The price of salt has risen by three to six times in the last two months.”