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Nicaragua: Protesters Pay Visit to Former President

The hunger strike by Dora Maria Tellez to stop the Supreme Electoral Court from banning the Sandinista Renovation Party for this year's municipal elections lasted 13 days. However, it did not stop the banning of the political party. Since then, there have been new protests and meetings to oppose the political and economical measures of the goverment.

Within this context, all sort of political movements have been caught up in the confusion. Liberal candidates march together with members of the former Sandinista Front Party, while the goverment works on a pact with the largest opposition party, the Constitutional Liberal Party.

Just this last Saturday, after a rally in central Managua, two groups formed to go “visit” political personalities. One group visited the Assembly's president Rene Nuñez, and the second group found former president Arnoldo Alemán dining at a local restaurant. Alemán had been convicted for corruption charges that took place during his presidency.

The group stood outside the restaurant singing and shouting against this tried and convictedpolitical figure. The funny side of this is that Alemán had been proven guilty of corruption, but has permission to visit anyone he wants inside Nicaragua.

Jorge Mejía Peralta [es] was present and documented the event on his blog [es]:

Unos cuantos entraron, y ya adentro comenzaron a gritarle a Alemán corrupto, que no es ninguna ofensa porque está mas que demostrado que ha sido ladrón. Con condena judicial firme.

Hubo forcejeos y los escoltas del ladron y corrupto hicieron que expulsara del restaurante a los jóvenes. posteriormente pasaron alrededor de una hora, con megáfonos, banderas de Nicaragua y letreros de precaución por corrupto cerca, increpando a Alemán y a toda su familia.

Más de 20 efectivos de la Policía Nacional de Seguridad Personal, mas escoltas, cuidaban al reo Alemán. Cuando iba a salir del restaurante, los policias, si, los policias que pagamos con nuestros impuestos empujaron y golpearon a algunas de las muchachas que estaban ahi, incluso desplazando las camionetas de lujo sin precaución, poniendo en peligro la vida de dos jovenes y de uno que otro policía.


Hoy sale vociferando el señor Leonel Teller diciendo que una turba trató de asesinar (Con que señor teller? con la bandera de Nicaragua???) al ex presidente y a toda su familia.

A few entered, and inside they starting shouting “Corrupt Alemán”, which is not offensive because it has been demostrated that he is a thief. With a strong judicial sentence.

There were struggles and the bodyguards of the corrupt thief forced the protesters to leave the restaurant. Then later, for about an hour, the protestors used speakers, flags and signs that read “Beware, Corrupt Person Inside”, and continued shouting at Alemán and his family.

More than 20 officers from the National Police, plus the bodyguards, guarded Alemán. When he planned to leave the restaurant the National Police, paid with our taxes, pushed and hit some of the protesters, even moving vehicles without any care, putting lives in danger.


Today, spokesman Leonel Teller said that a mob tried to kill Arnoldo Alemán and his family (with what? with the national flag?)

In addition, Mejia's Flickr page has pictures of the restaurant “visit.”

Arnoldo Alemán running away from the restaurant. Photo by Jorge Mejia and used under a Creative Commons license.

These groups also organize online and they recently visited the home of National Assembly president Rene Nuñez.

Protestor with sign outside of Nuñez’ home reading “Danger! Corrupt Man 20 Meters Away.” Photo by Jorge Mejia and used under a Creative Commons license.

Protestor with sign outside of Nuñez’ home reading “Contaminated Area.” Photo by Jorge Mejia and used under a Creative Commons license.

Another online Facebook group was created to support the hunger strike of Dora Maria Tellez, and is now working on a apolitical AntiPact independent movement. Recently The Miami Herald published a report on this group. The group has 1500 members as of now, even though not all of them attend the protests.

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