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Debate Over India-US Nuclear Deal

For the past few months there has been a heated debate in India about its its nuclear deal with the USA. This is an issue for which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lobbied hard and tried to get political consensus. In fact, some analysts and observers point out Mr. Singh was ready to go for snap national poll, if required.

The Left Party led by Comrade Prakash Karat, which is an important coalition member of the current government in power has not been in favor of the nuclear agreement with USA. The Indian Political Blog writes:

And then, suddenly, like a Jack in the Box suddenly popping out, the Congress and the Prime Minister appear to have outsmarted the Left.

Where does this leave the Left ? It has an alltime high of 59 MP’s, but Kerala is famous for changing its political mind quickly, and the Left suffered some major reversals in West Bengal local elections, thus ensuring that early next elections could see a much reduced Left MP count. Even now, it could almost seem like that they are no longer relevant.

This past week the government was able to garner the necessary votes and support in spite of the Left Party's opposition.

Touchbase has a succinct post that demystifies the US-India Nuclear deal right from the 123 agreement to the Indian Left party's opposition to the deal. He writes:

So the deal contains many loopholes when it comes to national security. But at the same time helps to satisfy India's growing need for power. So its going to be a tough time for this minority government to finalise a decision regarding the deal.

Prof. T. T. Ram Mohan of Big Picture writes that the India-US nuclear deal has been reduced to a test of patriotism. He goes on to present two contrarian views about the nuclear deal and concludes:

Chellaney is right. This deal is about a strategic alliance with the US to counter the rise of China, it is merely being presented as an energy proposition for political and diplomatic reasons. The real worth of the strategic alliance lies in the transfer of a whole range of advanced dual-use technologies- these technologies cannot be transferred unless India's status as a nuclear power changes.

There are a couple more steps before this deal can be ratified by the US Congress. These steps include getting approvals from the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Supplier's Group.


  • […] Sanjoy Das (8 luglio) osserva che le cinque maggiori potenze non si sarebbero certo dotate di arsenali nucleari se non ne per trarne vantaggio, quindi “non vedo perché un Paese che ospita un sesto della popolazione mondiale dovrebbe esserne privo. Considerato fra l’altro che l’India non ha mai partecipato alla proliferazione nucleare, non avrebbe senso penalizzarla per 70 testate, mentre altre nazioni che hanno collaborato col Pakistan la passano liscia”. Infine, esorta l’India a non capitolare dinanzi alle pressioni internazionali, a prescindere dall’esito dell'accordo con gli USA. […]

  • vasudev

    The fact of the matter is India has acute shortage of power / energy. All the recources at our disposal – at present – cannot reduce this power deficit even marginally. We will be faced with an extra ordinary situation in the near future and will need extra ordinary solutions. All those who champion the so called INDEPENDENT FORIEGN Policy of india should know the simple saying – You cannot have a cake and eat it too. there is good and bad to every decision we take, but that should not deter us from doing anything. I appreciate Prime minister Manmohan Singh for steadfastly pursuing this deal in spite of the hard pro-china lobbying by the left, pro-pakistan lobbying by the BJP and so-called pro-Muslim lobbying by the BSP.

  • Renjith Nair

    I wish to see what will be the face value of this waiver & exemptions if India go to do a Nuclear test TOMORROW or ANYTIME or If India decides to go ahead with LPG pipeline project with Iran. Legacy Of Americans tell us they will lick as long as one being obedient to them
    otherwise they will suck. Also, I hope Manmohan singh would be alive that time.

    As always, Illiterate (Sorry, I meant to say common man is still don’t know what is this deal, they just know their daily life is MISERABLE because of UNAFFORDABLE COST OF LIVING) and comic goons are on the street celebrating beating drums as if they got independence from Americans!!.

    Almost 75% of Indians are still living in utter poverty not because our country didn’t have NSG waiver and Nuclear deal. They people who are going to prosper by this deal are a group of American businessmen,a section of NRIs acting as middlemen and CROOKED POLITICIANS IN INDIA.That will remain as a truth.

    If this deal is all about ending acute power crisis in this country, the people all the way praising this deal should wait and see whether this will end the electricity appetite of this nation and how it is going to elevate the poor people of this country. A country with no specific and strict protocols to stop the simple technical faults, transmission leaks and THEFT in electrical transmission systems yet. A country where disaster management,planning & coordination is a myth even in this 21st Century. Still millions are left out homeless in floods every year. who care about them???? I am wondering what this deal is all about!.

    What kind of leaders our people choose and send to parliament, and the people shall have to pay the price for it. What a pity situation of my country!.People are being treated as idiots by their own leaders. This what is Indian democracy!.

    Indians will have to wait for many years and luckly if there is a visionary leader with strong political will and nationalistic agenda, then their dreams can be fullfilled. Otherwise the pockets of polticians are only going to be filled with currencies!


  • syed

    I can also see the same situation will happen in India as Renjith described in his comments.

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