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Global Lives Project: Recording the lives of 10 people for 1 day

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Global Lives Project Logo [1]
The Global Lives Project [2]is a global initiative created to showcase the lives of 10 different people from all over the world by following them and recording 24 hours of their day in video. These 240 hours of material will be shown at the same time in an installation where a person will be able to walk through 10 different rooms projecting each one of their lives, and a central hub where the 10 screens will be seen simultaneously. Following, their project presentation where they explain what their goals are, how they plan to reach them and more information on the project:

What they are attempting to do is showcase the diversity in the planet, to be able to show to any person how others live, unedited and unscripted. Not only will it be available during the installation, but the content will be online, as a sort of collaborative online video encyclopedia of human experiences.

They are also looking for video makers in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, exhibition hosts who could show the  20-meter diameter exhibit, translators and funders. More information can be found at their website [2]. So far they have shot a pilot with a US cable car driver in San Francisco and a Brazilian musician/city permit inspector, as well as a shoot in Malawi and another in Japan.