Serbia, U.S.: Miladin Kovacevic

LimbicNutrition Weblog writes about the case of Miladin Kovacevic: “‘Who the hell is Miladin Kovacevic,’ you might ask, ‘A war criminal?’ Not quite, he is a Serb college basketball player involved in the horrific beating of a fellow student in a New York State town who was then helped to escape the USA and return to Serbia by a Serbian diplomat.”


  • Frank

    I find it very interesting that an individual hands over his passport more or less indicating he will NOT try to leave the country and then obtains a duplicate passport, under questionable circumstances, in order to escape “injustice” it sounds like he was/is escaping to injustice. You don’t run if you don’t have anything to fear. At least his parents will forfeit the bail money. Also one act does not judge or stain the Serbian people as i am sure plenty of them feel the same way.

  • Nina

    To LiterATE:
    You are wright – the accomplishment of one great man who lived 100 years ago don’t represent the education level of people in Serbia today, but, in this country is a lot of great Serbian people who was educated in Serbia and did accomplish a lot in their professional! They are very successfully doctors, physicist, scientists…..etc. Also, in your post you clearly said that Serbian people are stupid – that is generalization what you made – and is it insult for Serbian people!!!!
    And, about, Mrs. Miladin Kovacevic, the fact is he fled…. If I believe to the press, he is guilty – let’s put him in dead row…. also, take a look on other side of all event – that would be justice!
    I heard that police finish investigation, but anyway they don’t give the report of 80 pages to the public – they did give by “mistake” to the New York Post….. what for they hiding that?!
    If Mrs. M. Kovacevic really hit the guy so many times in the head, I agree he should be punish, but for start, let’s take a look event from all sides, let’s find out the TRUE, and judge to the ONE person, not to the all Serbian population! Thank you very much for your time!!

  • BYL

    To Nina
    First off, I’m not LiterATE, so I didn’t call Serbian people stupid. However, seeing all the anti-american sentiment posted on internet from presumably Serbians over this case, I can certainly understand why LiterATE make that comment.

    Now, let’s look at the fact. If M. Kovacevic was really on “death row” as you put it, he would not have being allow to post bail. He has not being mistreat, the justice system has done him no wrong. He’s simply being held until he can stand trial where he get his day in court to proof his guilt or innocent.

    If people think the police report is biased, or victim wasn’t actually hurt, and all kind of rumors and theories out on the internet, well, if they’re really true, wouldn’t that actually help Kovacevic’s case in court? If people in Binghamton are biased, the lawyer can ask for change of venue to move the trial else where, so on and so forth. The point is, although no justice system in the world is 100% perfect, US is pretty good in criminal cases (especially if you have money to hire good lawyer, which doesn’t seems to be a problem for his mother)

    In terms of the coverage in US media, it really didn’t get much coverage outside of the Binghamton area until he fled the country with the help of YOUR GOVERNMENT. Consulate official does represent your government, regardless of the reason. I personally think the biggest f*ck up of this case is the involvement of consulate official to help him escape justice in US. They should of help his mother get a good lawyer to work on the case, especially if you all believe there is overwhelming evidence to proof his innocent.

    But the bottom line is, yes he is still innocent until proven guilty, but by fleeing the country certainly does not help propagate that perception.

  • Nina

    First of all, the message No. 7, with LiterATE sign and date of July 10, clearly said:
    “This is the problem with Serbia, and Serbians. They are too stupid to take….. This is sad and why I think that US will never stop being racist to Serbians!”
    Well, do I need to say something over this, or it is enough clear what person with LiterATE sign think and declare?!
    ….. “US will never stop being racist to Serbians!” That is sadness, and for me disappointment!
    Why?! It’s not right! Maybe from some another country, but not from US!!! I did expect more from someone who declare all time that all people are equal, no matter who you are, or which color of your skin is…. and so on… and so on….
    And about the fight – this is my opinion: For fight is always needed at least two people! I blame both of them. Mrs. Kovacevic is guilty, but also, Mrs. Stainhauer ( sorry for this mistake), he is guilty also – of course, not as much as Mrs. Kovacevic!
    And, once more for the and, are the American people all the same?! Maybe clones?! Or, Serbians??!!

    Mr. Miladin Kovacevic will be forced to return to the darkest courtroom in the history of mankind. Firstly, the federal government has brazenly refused to use the appropriate criminal civil rights laws (i.e. 18 USC, sect.s 241,242) to protect “persons” from the flagrant willful deprivations of the most fundamental procedural due process rights, during many previous decades. Moreover, all electronic recording devices will be strictly forbidden by state law (i.e. Sect. 52, NYS Civil Rights Law). The most furvent zionists will order a fraudulent reporting of the events that occur during his trial, and the AP and the court reporter will slavishly obey. A mountain of the most treasonist lies will never be questioned by the public. See,

  • Marko

    Ok lets judge all bar-fights people and their nations with A bomb.i mean comon.Why are US citizens more value then every other nation on the world,thats look like nazy germany politics.lets keep small things stay small for benefits of are all

    all good heart people in US are my friends,not foe

    all the best from belgrade Serbia

    sory on my bad english write

  • ban

    Why no one of Kovacevic’s team mates didn’t visit Bryan, or even make a call? Not even his coach?

  • Kru

    Word of advice — if you don’t want your butt kicked, don’t pick a fight. That kid popped off — probably over and over — acting like a tough guy because his NY parents have money and he feels invincible. Well, welcome to the real world. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

    As for Tesla, he was self-educated for most of his life — don’t give the Austrian University too much credit. He worked for Westinghouse because Westinghouse had the money and common sense to see that Tesla’s power relay/station solution made more sense than that of Edison. And that is why we are able to do what we are doing right now. The next big breakthrough happened a couple of years ago where a team of physicists at MIT were able to transmit electrical power over a wireless connection. A Croation was the lead researcher and I believe there were also a Greek, an Indian, a couple of Americans, and a Serb on the team. Hope I did not leave anyone out.

    Miladin did the right thing. He left. Serbs do not get a fair shake from the US government and justice systems. Plus, Clinton does not like Serbs. After all, Serbs and Milosevic were the excuse her cheating husband used when the media caught him with that fat girl’s face in his lap because his lesbian wife wouldn’t give him any.

    The US does not like to be wrong and want to show the world how tough they are all the time. They forget that Serbs were Allies in WWII.

    We’ll see how tough the US is when over a billion Chinese, a billion Indians, and over a half a billion Russians start to completely dominate the global economy.

    It’s easy to act tough to a country of 10 million people when you have 300 million.

    Still can’t beat Serbia at football; tennis; table tennis; water polo; chess; etc. Don’t forget last Basketball World Championships.

    Anyway, if it wasn’t for the Serbs being the gatekeepers in the Balkans — everyone in Western Europe would have the name Mohamed. EU is not very grateful.

  • Brandon

    Why no one of Kovacevic’s team mates didn’t visit Bryan, or even make a call? Not even his coach?

    I guess they beleive that Bryan gets what he deserved

  • Jay

    First of all, the suposed cause of the whole thing was a bunch of BS. The girl told news and police that Brian never touched her.

    Second of all, Kovacevic isn’t even friends with the kid whose girl was supposedly grabbed. He was just looking for a fight.

    If its one thing that has been learned over centuries is that Serbians don’t have any patients or self restraint. Anyone who knocked someone out, would be happy or whatever. You don’t repeatedly kick and stomp on someones head 22 times unless you are either trying to cause serious damage or are trying to kill the person. He is such a bad A** in his friends and families eyes, but the little coward can’t come back and face his consequences. He isn’t so tough behind bars, cause there are guys in there that will make him their little wife.

    And third of all, Brian wasn’t up walking around two days after the fight, he was in a damn coma. I know this cause my best friend was one of the Paramedics supervising his transport to the bronx. Frankly i don’t give a damn about this pansy. DO THE CRIME, DO THE TIME!!!

    You don’t run unless your guilty. Eventually, one way or the other. He will be back in Binghamton to face the music, whether its on his own or by force. He will be back, and he made it ten times worse on himself by running. I hope he is living it up in his shite hole country, cause the only thing hes gonna have is a 2inch thick wattress and a steal toilet. Good Luck Chicken Sh*t

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