Serbia, U.S.: Miladin Kovacevic

LimbicNutrition Weblog writes about the case of Miladin Kovacevic: “‘Who the hell is Miladin Kovacevic,’ you might ask, ‘A war criminal?’ Not quite, he is a Serb college basketball player involved in the horrific beating of a fellow student in a New York State town who was then helped to escape the USA and return to Serbia by a Serbian diplomat.”


  • bp

    Thank you for this post. I just came across the article and was once again disappointed that a diplomat would facilitate this young man’s escape. I haven’t actually found any details about the fight-but it wouldn’t take much for a 6’9″ 260 lb man to do a lot of damage.

  • Sasha

    It would be interesting to US press to know that this “horrific beating” was one punch and that this Bryan guy was placed into the hospital owned by his parents and issued the coma condition letter even though he was seen 2 days after the “horrific beating” in the town which was witnessed by THEIR college friends. All of the sudden the case became bigger then anything and he is back into the coma thing. WOW

  • Nina

    O.K. Fight probably did happen… But, my Qs would be:
    1. Since when the fight between students is concern of top politic world, such as Kondoliza Rais and Hilari Klinton?
    2. Are they would be concern about that if someone ordinary son from ordinary parents involved?
    3. We first do lynch, then ask for a true! The serbian student had a chance and he took! Also, I believe, if he was sure that the trail going to be trail instead lynch, he would stay.
    Try to be in his shoes – would you stay and take a risk, or try to prove from some different and safe place?! Good luck Serbian Jack!!11

  • srboljub

    maybe this should go to UN or G8 should meet again to discuss it?
    i have a feeling this guy needs a good spanking… as well as all you waisting your time over it.

  • American ass

    The spanking is well deserved by the parents of the jewish youngster who are the creators of this American soap opera which was uplifted to the political level, only because they are jewish and have a jewish Congressman as a friend.

    I would like to see:

    a) A police report – unbiased

    b) A detailed medical report from day one for Bryan S – the jewish youngster

    c) Witnesses to come forward and witness that the jewish prick is not in a coma, but this entire thing has been blown out of proportions for political reasons – again.

  • serbianass

    This ‘brave’ son of a gun will re-appear one day leaving the rathole he is hidding in.

  • LiterATE

    Hmmm, apparently most of can’t read, as an article was recently published detailing (with police accounts) how he repeatedly kicked the guy in the head. This is the problem with Serbia, and serbians. They are too stupid to take any responsibility for their actions and further more are allowed to blame others. This is sad and it is why I think that the US will never stop being racist to Serbians. By the way, in my may encounters with Serbians in NY, I have never seen one get into a fight one-on-one. They always try to outnumber their opponent, and then look what happens, like the outcome of the Bosnian war.

    • Darko

      Hi LiterATE. Your story here is nothing but a lies. Serbians invent fight one-on-one for you Americans chikens. Your bravery we have seen on 1999 when USA alone have attack Serbia! O, sorry – you havent been alone? Yes, offcourse, there were others friendly asshold nations, 18 of them, to help you! That is true example of one-on-one in american style. Wish you all the best.

  • Nina

    To literATE:
    First, do not insult Serbian people and do not generalize!!!
    Second, if you are more educated as you are not, you would know that you would not have electric power without Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla!
    Also, to judge to one nation based on one sample, is platitude!
    There is a lot nice things what could be said about Serbian people!
    Non nation on this world is not 100% bad, or 100% good or perfect!!!! How come that Serbian nation is 100% bad??!!!
    Well, give some thoughts to that fact!
    Also, I met a lot very smart and very successfully Serbian people, who are very nice and goodhearted – they live in this country and you insulting them with no reason and making them equally with one bad apple!!
    Next, that bad apple, the Serbian Miladin Kovacevic, is innocent till is proven guilty, but, here is reverse: he is guilty till he is proven innocent!? The witness, Melisa… is anyone inquiry her story – maybe she just trying to protect her boyfriend?! This is just possible theory! And, for the and, we should fight for the true and justice, not for a winning!!!

  • BYL

    To Nina:
    Speaking of generalization, how is the accomplishment of 1 man Nikola Tesla more than 100 years ago represent the education level of people in Serbia today? Not to mention that Tesla was the educated in Austria and did a lot this work later on in the US.

    But on the subject of Miladin Kovacevic, yes he’s innocent until proven guilty. However, it’s a little hard to do that if he fled the country don’t you think?

  • Will

    I think he is HOT. I’d like him to come back and beat my a**.

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