3 July 2008

Stories from 3 July 2008

Israel: Palestinians and Israelis Found Internet Start-Up

“When Israelis and Palestinian put away the fumes of mistrust and fear and create a reasonable environment of normality and flowing reciprocal good feelings, then the heaven is the limit,” writes Shlomo of the Korzacsol blog. Palestinians and Israelis from the respective towns of Ramallah and Modiin have teamed up...

Israel: Earth-Friendly Middle East

Help Karen Chernick build a list of environmentally friendly blogs in the Middle East. In “Green News from the Blogosphere,”, this Green Prophet author opines: “The truth is that although borders may physically and ideologically separate us, one of the things that we all share is that we are citizens...

George Bush insulted Filipinos?

  3 July 2008

Lily Pad believes US President George Bush insulted Filipinos when he issued this remark to visiting Philippine President Gloria Arroyo at the White House: “First, I want to tell you how proud I am to be the President of a nation that — in which there's a lot of Philippine-Americans....

India: Fooling the Media

  3 July 2008

A grand hoax saw a majority of the Indian newspaper media being fooled by the claim that a Nazi war criminal was caught in Goa. More at nanopolitan.

India: Pride and Gay

  3 July 2008

To Each Its Own on the gay pride parades in various Indian cities, and the strange absence of participants in Mumbai.