2 July 2008

Stories from 2 July 2008

Ukraine: Grassroots Activism

Many Ukrainians, fed up with a culture of lawlessness that is flourishing in their country, are becoming increasingly involved in grassroots activism. One of the latest rallies - Velonayizd ("Bicycle Attack") - took place in Kyiv on June 21, when nearly 500 cyclists, bikers and pedestrians gathered in front of the municipal police headquarters for a Critical Mass-type event, prompted by the recent deaths of at least two cyclists and the authorities' failure to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Taiwan: Conflict over Diaoyutai Islands

  2 July 2008

On June 11, a Taiwanese recreational fishing boat United(聯合號) sank following a collision with a Japanese coastguard vessel 11km off the disputed Diaoyutai(釣魚台) (Japan: Senkaku) islands, an island chain simultaneously claimed by Taiwan, Japan and China. Passengers and crew on the sinking boat were picked up by Japan. Shortly after,...

Jamaica: Weeping and Wailing

  2 July 2008

Following recent remarks from commentators invoking the idea of Revolution, My View of Jamdown from Up So depicts, in a long and vivid post, what a Revolution in Jamaica would be like.

Caucasus: European Football

Social Science in the Caucasus looks at where the affinity of the three South Caucasus countries lay during the recent European UEFA football competition. The blog says that the exercise provides a fascinating insight into the cultural and political orientation of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Armenia: Best European in Armenia

Unzipped reports and comments on news that opposition MP Zaruhi Postanjian has been awarded the title of Best European in Armenia. The blog says that even if the choice of previous recipients raised a few eyebrows the award is well deserved in this case.

Azerbaijan: Asylum Campaign Meeting

Unzipped: Gay Armenia updates its readers on the case of a gay Azerbaijani currently in Wales. Babi Badalov's claim for asylum has been rejected and the artist faces deportation. The blog notes that there have been attacks on Babi Badalov in the Azerbaijani media and that he will also be...

Kyrgyzstan: From Sorrow to Happiness

Early in June a sorrowful groan was heard from the Kyrgyz blogosphere: the great Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov died. Almost all Kyrgyz bloggers wrote about the death of a famous writer in their blogs. Erne_raj wrote [ru]: Chingiz Torekulovich is no more… But he left his scent in minds, hearts...

Mongolia: Election Violence

Thomas Terry reports that Mongolian President Enkhbayar has declared a state of emergency and ordered the shut down of all media except state TV for four days after election results have turned violent.