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Egypt: The Lollipop and The Flies

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Lollipo Hijab

The image above is been circulated for a while via email. It's one of those campaigns targeting women in order to cover their body and get veiled. But many bloggers in Egypt found it offensive and pathetic.

The Egyptian SandMonkey [1] wrote a post about it entitled boys are flies, girls are lollipops [2].

The text reads: “You won't be able to stop them (i.e. guys), but you can protect yourself. He who created you knows what's best for you!”

Oh, where do I begin? Should I start with the “Men are flies” example, the MEN who made this employed, describing themselves? Or with the complete disregard to personal responsibility of men when it comes to sexually harassing females theme of the ad? Or Is it with the paternal tone that god, who created you naked, really really wants you covered for your protection from his other perfect creation? Or should I not even bother, given that there is a joke there about lollipops and licking that I am simply not man enough to make on this blog?

Yeah. maybe I just won't bother. I am tired of fighting with Hijabis. If they don't find this offensive, then maybe they do deserve whatever comes their way. What's the point of yelling at men that women are not pieces of meat to be coverd, when the Hijabis hold that same exact view of themselves? I mean, sure I am offended by the idea that they are portraying men as uncontrollable animals, but if the women who wear the Hijab and are in the majority are ok with it, why should we even care if they get sexually harassed or assaulted by those same men?

There used to be a point in fighting over this. I am just not sure those women are worth fighting for anymore!

The Arabist [3] published the picture in one of his blog posts [4], and asked:

Two obvious (and rhetorical) questions: Can we really not stop harassment? And does veiling really “protect” you?

Forsoothsayer also published the picture here [5] in her “Unnecessary, and not very diverting, musings [6]“, and left it for her readers to comment on it.

Deeeeeee's [7] reaction there was just three letters, “WTF?!!”

While Tarek [8] commented: “Oh shit, we are not filthy flies for God's sake.”

And finally Noha [9] commented on The Arabist's Post [4] saying: “I’m veiled, and I can’t stop them nor can I protect myself.”