1 July 2008

Stories from 1 July 2008

Jamaica: Gun Control

  1 July 2008

Jamaican blogger Long Bench objects to a newspaper's use of an image of a gun pointed at the reader, saying “Here we are celebrating the very weapon and skill that is also killing us.”

Jamaica: Trick and Treat

  1 July 2008

Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot goes to the movies, and finds Hollywood blockbuster Wanted is steeped in the tradition of the Trickster/Warrior, “the two dominant archetypes in Jamaican culture.”

Egypt: The Lollipop and The Flies

The image above is been circulated for a while via email. It's one of those campaigns targeting women in order to cover their body and get veiled. But many bloggers in Egypt found it offensive and pathetic. The Egyptian SandMonkey wrote a post about it entitled boys are flies, girls...

Morocco: Catching Up With Peace Corps Bloggers

Morocco is host to a vibrant Peace Corps program. All over the country, American Peace Corps members volunteer their time teaching English, sustainable growth, assisting with agricultural and women's projects, and a multitude of other tasks that come along with being a young, active volunteer in Morocco. And Moroccans, known...

Japan: 2ch and Waiwai

  1 July 2008

W. David MARX at META no TAME writes about the flaming of Mainichi's “WaiWai” column on 2channel, Japan's largest internet forum. Mainichi announced late last month that the column had been discontinued due to a harsh reaction from Japanese audiences, upset at the often sensational choice of topics covered in...

Israel's fan in Tunisia

Zizou from Djerba recently introduced his readers [Fr] to Souheil Ftouh, whom he describes as "surely the most pro-Jewish and admiring of Israel of all Tunisian Arabs :-)", a man whose perspectives, unorthodox for a Tunisian, left Zizou's readers respond a bit appalled.

Barbados: Tourism Woes

  1 July 2008

Barbados Underground comments on the first ever Caribbean Tourism Summit, which comes at a time of great challenges in the regional tourism market.

India: Sacking overweight flight attendants

  1 July 2008

Natifnatal [Fr] writes about the Indian high court's decision to sanction Air India's sacking of overweight flight attendants about a new report from ActionAid, a British NGO, which shows the ratio of girls to boys in India has reached an historic low.