Kuwait: Video Games, Newspapers and Female Bloggers

Who should regulate the video gaming scene in Kuwait? This and many other questions are on the minds of Kuwaiti bloggers in this round up. Forzaq8 speaks of laws dealing with video games and who he thinks should regulate them. He writes:

Politics shouldn’t interfere in games , i was shocked and sicked to hear that people want laws to to control what games we can buy or not.
I don’t want laws requires all retailers to check ID from any child trying to buy games.
I believe that Parents should take responsibility , not the government , its not freedom thing , its responsibility

Another blogger, Ajel turns his attention to newspapers in Kuwait. He says:

لدينا في الكويت – حتى الآن – 14 صحيفة يومية سياسية ، وهناك المزيد منها بالطريق ، توجد أيضا مواقع إخبارية ومدونات الكترونية شبه إخبارية تزود قراءها بكل ما تعزف وسائل الإعلام المختلفة عن نشره ومنها القنوات الخاصة التي باتت تخصص جزء من برامجها لمناقشة الأحداث المحلية الساخنة بصورة أفضل من تلفزيون الكويت الذي يتجنب عادة الخوض في تلك المسائل
موضوعنا هو كيف نقرأ ما سوف يقع وليس ما وقع ؟ وأي الصحف التي تخدمنا في هذا المجال على الصعيد السياسي بالدرجة الأولى ؟

Until now, we have 14 daily newspapers in Kuwait, and more will be published soon. There are also news sites and blogs which cover news of all that media refuses to publish, in addition to the private television stations which cover hot local issues better than Kuwait's national television station, which usually avoids covering such topics. Our topic today is how to read what will happen and not what has happened and which newspapers serve this purpose when it comes to political coverage.

SpiKeY writes what he thinks is an accurate description of Kuwaiti female bloggers. He notes:

So female bloggers….do you think being open to the world helps the (Kuwaiti) internet users know about you?

By open…I mean…that you talk about the “taboo” stuff….like doing it…like smokin..like drinking…like havin fun alone….like cussing…drugs….sexuality…. lesbianism..(NOTE: these are considered taboo in our society it aint ma opinion)…..

Bahsar, over at blogallalong, wonders what the Ministry of Communications wants. He writes:

The Ministry of Communications (MOC) is the central authority in Kuwait for internet and phone, which includes ISPs, phone lines, and mobile operators. Such a big responsibility that can take the country both ways. And unfortunately, the way they’re doing it can only take us backward I am afraid

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  • Mubarak

    Even though its true that the (MOC) is making the “Kuwaiti” society move backwards, Kuwait’s law is mainly depending on the Islamic religion. On the other hand, the only problem is that, the government is what’s making the Kuwaiti society declining.

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