“Preah Vihear belongs to Cambodia”

Real Cambodia notes that mobile phone users are sending text messages to assert Cambodia's ownership of the Preah Vihear Temple. Thailand is also claiming the historic site.


  • roatha007

    To those coward, shameless and arrogant Thai,

    What some shamelss Thai has done about the Preah Vihear Temple is ridiculous and shamelss. I don’t matter if the Thai just fight each other, but they should not take Cambodia as a scapegoat to for political purpose. The Thai opposition and military should have used a more suitable excuse to make another coup against Thaksin’s ally. Groundlessly and unfairly accusing a small and poor nation taking your land is already ridiculous,bully.

    It is undeniable that Preah Vihear belongs to Cambodia, territerially, architecturally and historically. The Thai shamelessly and illegally took control of the temple just after The French pulled out of Cambodia. They lost the case in internal court. They should learn their mistake and eat the humble pie rather than shamelessly attempt to take it back. It has been 46 years since 1962! Cambodia has suffered enough from Thai aggression and invasion. Review the history: how much Cambodia lose to Thailand, who the Thai are, what your origin is, where is your mother land, ungrateful Thai???

    What a shame! You say Cambodia need approval from Thailand and insist that the temple is jointly managed while it undeniably belongs to Cambodia??? No such case on earth.

    Ridiculous, shameless and bullying.

  • sokom

    It is a national shame that Thailand cannot resolve their own problem, but istead use Preah Vihear as a scapegoat. Remember this temple is always Cambodia’s.

  • Kosl

    Thai robbed and killed our Khmer people and land for so many year for hundred of years. Now they are shameless for trying to take back something that they robbed from us before. One day, when our Cambodian Khmer become stronger economically and millitarily, we will take back all the land and temple from the thief Siameses land that use to belong to us.

  • Vibol

    Thai are pathetic for thinking that Preah Vihear is theirs. Do they not know their own histories and that the temple itself are indeed Khmer. The proof is right in their face! How stobborn they are! This animosity between our two countries are cause but their ignorance and arrogance!

  • Sreykmer

    I will be so ashamed to be born thai and have a leader like Aphisit. His followers seem like a herd of goats.
    They are uneducated crowd and know nothing about their own history and believe Aphisit lies to them. It is really sad and shameful for those Thais because the whole world knows that Preah Vihear is a Khmer temple like all the temples in Thailand were built by Khmer Kings.

  • toonsai

    Hey guys,

    For sure Thailand is wrong but that is not a reason for all you guys to be so violent/insulting in your words. Most of Thais are ignorant about History and just believe what Politicians say (same as in Cambodia). I live in Thailand but was previously in Cambodia for many years. Preah Vihear is KHMER (and not Hindu as Thai Policians say to avoid to recognize the ruins as khmers) no doubt about that.

    But please please also remember how a few years ago everything went wrong in Cambodia about rumors, false information about Thailand. I praise Cambodia for controlling the situation until now, and I just hope they would not let any rumor make the Public crazy. We all know how the Population is vulnerable. And Cambodia would have much more to lose than Thailand.

    Fight, yes. But not using Violence, Rumor and let things become uncontrollable. I hope that this time Cambodia will show much more maturity and control.

    Both Thailand and Cambodia are ultra-nationalist. Cambodia will win by showing control, calm and maturity. If things would go wrong, Cambodia would lose definitely.

  • roatha007

    To Toonsai,

    I accept that some guys use violent words, but at least they are just words, not action, to express their anger, and it is better than keeping mum and let the Thai insult to show that you are peaceful and mature.

    I don really get what u really mean. It seems a bit out of topic. Have u followed the situation? Are you Khmer or Thai? If you did, I don’t think you should not have come up with such hollow comment.

    Yes, most Cambodians are ignorant,but i don think most Thai are. And remember that all they guys who comment here are not ignorant. They show their anger cus they cant bear the insult: The Thai are not stupid; they are just shameless and being thick faced.

    The comment here are not rumors and those comment are not prone to rumors too. What has happened to Thai embassy a few years a go is caused by Hun Sen, not our students or nationalists. We express our concerns cus the govt seems to be under Thai influence and that we could lose more. We are not burning down the embassy.

    The good way to teach an arrogant people to show that your are not easy to be mistreated by showing reaction, or the Thai will insult more. And i think it is time to react and react in the right way: by our words or legal actions.

    Being a dove is not a solution to deal with shameless, aggressive people.

  • Dave

    It does not matter who built a house. Only the current landlord owns the house. This applies to all structures on any land.

  • khmer

    Yes the decision has been made since 1962, recongize by a world body that Cambodia and the Cambodian Temple of Preah Vihear is it sovergin property. Meaning that they are the landlord and the Thais/Renters visting the site.

    How shameless for a bunch of ingornat people that pride itself of being free is making things Complex for Cambodia. Either case, Cambodia will win, it has aleady has by showing restraint and the support of 16 nations to list it as a hertrigae site.

    In the words of Kannarith, spokesman for Cambodia,

    “we warn thailand before, this time we will close the border forever”

    in any case, I see Hun Sen building a road, India building a railine, and Mose of SE building resorts, golf culbs. To think 10 years of less from now, Adventure magazine, hike preah vihear, stay in cambodia and you seeing a big wall that Thailand cannot enter. LOL

  • a thai

    according to your rule

    “Please treat others with respect.”
    >>yeah, read Khmer post. is that a respect Khmer style? Yep I think so!!

    “Comments containing hate speech, obscenity, and personal attacks will not be approved”
    >>you better say hate speech toward Khmer will not be approved.

    that why i dont see any thai comment here.

    Khmer really good at barking in the distance afraid to take a real fight!

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