Bangladesh: On Gorkhaland

Unheard Voices from Bangladesh takes a closer look at the Gorkhaland issue in India, and focuses on the apparent Bengali racism.


  • beakononline

    Gorkhaland or Gundaland????

    It is so important for the public to find out what is going in Darjeeling and where the movement is heading. From what I have found out so far, these are the following facts (which I request interested people to challenge anytime) that I would like to place before all of you and let you decide whether the so called quest for a separate state sounds as honest as some of the leaders are proclaiming.

    Darjeeling is being held hostage by three previous GNLF gang members, namely Nicole Tamang, Deven Sharma and Dinesh Thing. Nicole and Deven are from ropeway, Singamari. Dinesh is from Patlebas. These three individuals have amongst themselves managed to amass crores of rupees so far so fast already and it would not be unfair to say that Bimal Gurung is totally aware of that fact but keeps quiet for innumerable reasons. These three left over gangsters from the Ghising dynasty control all the contractors in DGHC, PWD as well as the National Highway among other departments. They have hired a bunch of local goons to do their jobs for them and are getting richer by the day. By the time a separate state is formed in Darjeeling, they would have enough wealth and power to continue their mafia type rule exactly like what Ghising did for twenty years.

    Under the shadow of these three knights of Bimal Gurung here are the following characters that are making lots of kills in the eco system very much like the hyenas of the Kalahari:

    Pravin Subba from Keerabari looks after the Railway and also PWD and several other departments. Nirmal Subba supervises the Darjeeling Municipality. A notable and much highlighted leader on the making Roshan Giri formerly with AGSU who grew to fame after the Dawa Palzor Drug case where he was awarded with 5 lakhs of rupees for aiding and rescuing the convict. A personality that has zero knowledge about Darjeeling and who obviously sounded like a rickshaw puller while in conversation with the Bengali leaders of Bengal.

    Dawa Lama is their cashier and handles the transactions. D.K. Pradhan a renowned don of GNLF is seen closely walking and standing alongside Bimal Gurung and their relationship seems to be strengthening every passing day. Please mind you these are all Central Committee members! As for Binoy Tamang, Amar Lama, Taranga Pandit, Isamani Pakhrin, Raju Pradhan and Dr. Harka Bdr. Chhetri, I have begun to doubt their intentions and will further investigate and get to the bottom of their involvement in this grand theft of the people of Darjeeling. Don’t be surprised if they come out as dirty as their comrades because they are as equally aware of what is actually going on inside that office of theirs. If one isn’t a part of the solution he is indeed a part of the problem as someone once said. And so is every single individual from Darjeeling if we let this scam go uninterrupted.

    It is also a known rumor that GNLF strongmen Tilak Dewan and Lokey Gurung are constantly in touch with them and all ready to come back once again to join in the highway robbery.

    The scenario in Darjeeling is getting more pathetic by the day. Lawlessness prevails and goons are getting prosperous. And all this even before there is any sign of a separate state. Imagine what it will be like after a state is formed? It will become ten times worse than Bihar, take my word for it. There is no check and balance and nothing and no one to contest or question the more and more authoritative nature of the present leaders in Darjeeling.

    Are we making way for a dictator like Ghising to come in and make us his slaves one more time? Why aren’t learned individuals from all walks of life participating in the Tripartite meetings and discussions and debates? Is it because the leaders fear that they might not sound as accurate and reasonable in front of them? Or is it because the leaders are as evil as Ghising and believe that they can get away with another 20 years of ravaging the spirit of the people of Darjeeling? Is it not a democratic world that we all live in? The irony is that we are citizens of the largest democracy in the world!! Where are the voices of the public? Are the public just fit to wear “daura suruwal and chowbandi cholo”? Are the public just fit for tagging behind gangsters and their threats? Are the public’s sole purpose to just host cultural programs and sing and dance their time away? If they are so against the State government why aren’t they dissolving the DGHC? Is it because it is a money making machine for the few selected crooks? Why in the world are they calling it a Gandhian type of movement when they are practicing violence towards any critic of theirs. Why was it necessary to thrash down Glenary’s? Why was it necessary to smear people with disgusting black chemicals if they did not want to wear ‘daura suruwal’? What are they doing making children sit for 48 hours of hunger strike? Don’t they know the implications of these disastrous methods? Don’t they want to look different from GNLF?

  • ravi tamang

    As being a true gorkhali i prefered a gorkaland whatever u have written that might be true but our people want to be seperate form bengal and dont want to be slave of bengal.Simplely pointing out the party leader it does’t matter i am sure that u might be a oppsition party or u are over educated. As being a lay man i like my town to free from bengal whatever future prefer we will accept it.

  • prem chhetri

    I am a true supporter of Gorkhaland and a true Gorkha.We are fighting for freedom from the Bengal government. The fight is not against any community or race. we have deep respect for RabindraNath Tagore as well as Bhanu Bhakta. We are trying to follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi but when we are excluded from our rights then we are forced to become Subhas Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh.
    The situation in hills and the tarai dooars may not be fine right now, but its because today no one in this area especially the Gorkhaland supporters wants to stay under the Bengal government. The Bengal government has tried to suppress the agitation for Gorkhaland many times by implementing many legal and also by using illegal means, especially communal groups(amra bangali, jan jagaran manch, jan chetana manch etc.).
    whenever we try to oppose the government through peaceful rallies and hunger strikes, the above mentioned groups and the government try to supress the movement by making it volatile and a communal issue.
    “So we retaliate in self-defence.”
    Please make a visit in these areas before saying anything against Gorkhaland. It is a Historical demand which exists unattended and behind the light since more than 100 years.This is a genuine demand which once everybody understands will surely support as i do….

  • beakononline

    As you are well aware that Nepali infiltrators and bhupalis are creating nuisance under the banner of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. They are disturbing the peace and harmony in Siliguri, Terrai and Dooars area. A recent violence activity of the morcha clearly shows that activists of GJMM are most communal and they only know goondagiri. They dont have any respect people of other communities.They are only for communal conflicts. Nobody can support them. Infact not a single Lepcha, Bhutia, Bengali, Marwari, Adivasi is representing their central body. GJMMs most ardent supporters are illegal mighrants from Nepal, Bhupalis and push back nepalis from some north eastern states.
    They are creating all the illegal activities in the soft soil of W.B. But Bengals people will not tolerate all this nuisance activities. This illegal mighrant from Nepal and bhupalis creating all the communal tension in the region with the help odd anti national forces. What is the sources of money for GJMM? It is benevolance of W.B. Govt that GJMM is able to continues their anti indian activities. If this GJMM is borned in others state , today they will be in jail or departed to Nepal.
    No non nepalis are going to fooled by GJMM. Every body knows about Sikkim. Illegal mighrants from Nepal have captured the Sikim. Where C.M to Peon is Nepali. They have changed the demographic picture of Sikim. No place for others. Original inhabitant(sikimeese) are now minority there. Be aware all the non nepalis. Look at Sikkim.
    They are practicing path of violence against their critics. They are also practicing communal hatred against the other communities. We must condemn the violence activities of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. The administration must take stringent action in accordance with law for their nuisance and violence activities.
    That taking advantage of 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty and open border, incessant infiltration of Nepalese from Nepal into North Bengal Districts specially terrain, Dooars where demographic picture is changing rapidly and would out-number the sons of the soil like those of Sikkim. The Foreign Nepalese those who came after 1950 are not Indian by any means. Nepalese or gorkhas from Nepal cannot be claimed as Indian because Nepal is a separate country. The Clause VII of the 1950 India-Nepal treaty is very clear, it states: ‘The Government of India and Nepal agree to grant, on a reciprocal basis, to the nationals of one country in the territories of the other, the same privileges in the matter of residence, ownership of property, participation in trade and commerce, movement and other privileges of a similar nature.’ In short, Nepalis living in India have residency rights but not citizenship rights.

    · To prevent the forceful illegal occupation in Siliguri, Terrai and dooars areas from foreign Nepales/Bhopalis aggression, Administration must identify the foreign Nepalees/Bhopalis and push them back to Nepal immediately in accordance with the provision of Foreigners Act, as is being done in case of Bangladeshis.

    · Administration must delete the name of foreign Nepalis/Gorkhas from the voter list who have came India after the treaty immediately. As per Clause VII of the 1950 India-Nepal treaty they cannot claim Citizenship rights.

    · That the Morcha (with the help of foreign Nepalis and bhupalis) is reported to be preparing for making maximum disturbances for the people of the Siliguri, Terrai and Dooars forcing them to accept the demand for Gorkhaland, They are forcing the administration not to take any action for their illegal activities. They are trying to frighten the inhabitants of afore-said areas by way of their violence activities. Administration must take initiatives to protect the security of the people and must ensure not to allow the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha to create a total lawlessness situation in those areas.

    · That referendum taken by the majority communities/representing organizations including Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikash Parishad, we on behalf of BangIa O BangIa Bhasha Bancho Committee out-rightly rejecting the demand of Gorkha Land. Because they (GJMM) are not representing the Indian Citizens of this area and has no any mandate from the Citizen of Siliguri,Terai and Dooars area. Please note that Citizens of Siliguri, Terai and Dooars are against the creation of Gorkha Land. We are also against any division of West Bengal.


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