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EmPivot: Green media aggregator

Categories: East Asia, Latin America, China, El Salvador, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Environment, Film, Humor

Empivot logoEmPivot [1]is a website made for sharing videos with a specific theme: environment. This green-related media content is added to the website so that people, organizations and companies can connect with each other with this same interest between them. EmPivot [2], as they explain on their website, comes from the word Empower and pivot, which is what they wish to do through their aggregator site: Empower people to take the environmental issues on their hands to be able to turn around and go green.

One example is a citizen video from El Salvador [3], where a group of concerned neighbors of the Garrobo creek film the lack of followup after a legal mandate to fix damage done to the creek after Mr. Orlando de Sola Wright dumped demolition rubble into a creek, which caused it to fill with material and later flood the neighboring communities. Although the Salvadorean Sixth Sentence Jury mandated the removal of rubble and the construction of breakers in the creek to slow down its passage, this injunction hadn't been followed at the moment of the videos upload, on December 2007.

Also, China's Green Beat [4] Green Brothers bring us a humorous take on the public transportation [5] options in Beijing, with some tips on appropriate behavior on buses, taking advantage of the crowds in the Subway system to pick up girls, the health advantages (and disadvantages) of riding bicycles and why green is the way to go when it comes to transportation.