10 June 2008

Stories from 10 June 2008

Brazil: Top ten misconceptions about the country

  10 June 2008

“Gringos, in particular Americans, often know very little about Latin America and maintain grossly stereotypical misconceptions of Latin American countries, especially Brazil”, Rachel, an American living in Rio de Janeiro, lists the top ten misconceptions about the country.

Do not let poverty become the landscape

  10 June 2008

Kianda (from Angola) and Khanimambo! (from Brazil) are some of the blogs participating in an across-borders blog campaign: “Do not let poverty become the landscape”, conceived by Isto inclui-me (This Includes Me, from Portugal) [pt – all links].

Botswana: Nata Village gets an internet cafe

  10 June 2008

Nata village in Botswana gets an internet cafe: “Hallelujah!!! We are 120 miles from a bank and a grocery store but we're getting an internet cafe. Pictured above is the small addition to the Nata Post office. Thanks to Post Net, the government postal service in Botswana, we are getting...

Africa: 2009 AfricaBike

  10 June 2008

The start of 2009 AfricaBike: “Looking ahead to 2009, the AfricaBike has been given a few modifications. As always, it's still designed with the African terrain and people in mind, but the new overhaul is, well, a bit burlier.”

Georgia: Football Overshadows Politics

TOL Georgia voices its concern with plans to suspend a political talk show to make time for coverage of Euro 2008. The blog considers the move as part of continuing attempts by the Georgian authorities to limit opposition access to the broadcast media.

Africa: Afrigator adds a new feature

  10 June 2008

Stii writes about a new feature on Afrigator: “We’ve introduced a new feature which allows you to import your blog roll and find your friends on Afrigator to add to your MyGator. It is really quick and simple to do, provided that your blog roll is in XFN format.”

Kenya: Nairobi BarCamp 08

  10 June 2008

Ismail writes about Nairobi BarCamp 08 sponsored by ushahidi.com: “Some of the topics covered may be: * Local mapping (Open Streetmap, Green Map, etc.), * Blogging tools and trends, * Mobile phone apps (Android in Africa, FrontlineSMS and RapidSMS), * Using Google’s App Engine for building web and mobile services,*...

Caucasus: BarCamp

After attending the Caucasus BarCamp at the weekend, Pigh [Ru] expresses his concern with the involvement of Soros in financing part of the event as well as the presence of several people who the blogger considers “colored revolutionary” types. The blogger also expresses his disappointment with the non-political nature of...

Georgia: Armenian Church Destruction

Pigh [RU] posts photographs of a 15th Century Armenian church in downtown Tbilisi which currently faces an uncertain future. The photographs show that there have been attempts to erase Armenian inscriptions on the church in order for the Georgian Orthodox Church to claim it as their own.

Dominica: Abstaining from Whaling?

  10 June 2008

Steve's Dominica says that the government's abstinence at the annual International Whaling Commission vote on the resumption of commercial whaling is “a huge step in the right direction.”

Bahamas: Policing Poetry

  10 June 2008

Helen Klonaris at new Bahamian blog The Gaulin Wife is concerned that “two young poets are being investigated by the police because of the alleged sexual content of their poetry”, saying: “If the police are investigating poets and poetry, it is because they can: we as a society have agreed...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Q&A

  10 June 2008

A National Day of Prayer in St. Vincent & the Grenadines gets Abeni thinking: “I would prefer if we had a well defined plan to tackle all the problems that are plaguing our island. No doubt the idea is well meaning but sounds like a cop out or unwillingness to...

Argentina: Exact Change Only on Subway

  10 June 2008

Public transportation continues to be a topic of discussion in Argentina. Candelaria of Viajé Como El Orto [es] posts a photo found at one of the subway train stations of a homemades sign which asks for exact change. Readers share their own stories including one that instructs users to look...

Zimbabwe: Election violence continues

  10 June 2008

Election violence continues in Zimbabwe: “Whilst Mugabe fiddles about food in Rome, Zimbabwe is burning. With three weeks till the run off, the election violence continues. The images from a petrol bomb attack in Zaka support with the reports we received below, from an MDC supporter in Masvingo Province.”

Trinidad & Tobago: How to Save the Planet

  10 June 2008

This Beach Called Life says that “Trinidad and Tobago is currently listed as the 5th largest emitter of carbon dioxide per capita in the world, a fact that has made our Prime Minister blush with pride and our trees to die without dignity.”