China: Olympic Pandas now in Beijing

Global Voices blogger EastIsRed66, who appears to be an employee of the Wolong Nature Reserve in Wenchuan, Sichuan, the hardest-hit area in last month's earthquake, has recently started a blog and has been posting photos of the eight Olympic Pandas who once lived there.

These eight pandas are Beijing residents now, she writes, after having been flown there to their new home at the Beijing Zoo following the earthquake.

In a separate post from late last month, the blogger has put up pictures of the pandas taken during the earthquake, where they can be seen huddling together in fear. Two others, she notes, ran off during the earthquake.


  • Terry

    The Wall Street Journal’s China Journal blog included a translation from Xinhua on this topic, which notes that Beijing zookeepers are talking to the pandas in Sichuan dialect so that they’ll feel more at home in Beijing. I was surprised to read this – as China’s national symbol, I always assumed pandas spoke putonghua? ;-)

  • Ben

    Yes, and if all those human survivors would be more like pandas, China would remain as peaceful and loving as ever.

  • karze

    I hope Beijing won’t eat those peaceful Pandas given Chinese gastronomy.

  • Anonymous

    ‘I hope Beijing won’t eat those peaceful Pandas given Chinese gastronomy.’ – karze

    Wow, offensive, ignorant, and racist all at the same time. What’s next? Will you start hoping that all the parents who lost children in the quake won’t turn to kidnapping other people’s children?

  • Knights

    Karze would love to eat a piece of the panda meat if he has chance. Too bad he can not, he can only eat off of Da-LIE’s human-scull bowls and human-finger chopsticks and play off the human-skin drums. Yes one can borrow all these treasures from Da-LIE with their high status. Brown, Merkel, and Sarkosy said “hm, human-rights experience of a life time, sh!!!!!!!!!! it is banned in our democratic societies you know”

  • Before Earthquake, there are 63 pandas in Wolong, and most of them will move to Bifengxia due to the Earthquake disaters affects.
    23May, 6 wolong pandas migrated to Bifengxia.
    19June, 13 Wolong pandas migrated to bifengxia.
    In the future about 27 pandas will migrate to Bifengxia.
    News from

  • you can make it if you whant ok

  • Knights

    If you visit Beijing, also visit Tianjing. . .

    “Tianjin Travel Guide
    Tianjin is one of the four municipalities in China. Its name means ‘the place where the emperor crossed the river’. In recent years Tianjin has received more and more attention from both tourists at home and abroad due to its numerous travel resources and rich history.
    It is no exaggeration to say that Tianjin bears a splendid historical background. However, it was desecrated by foreign invaders long before the foundation of People’s Republic of China. Tianjin was shared by nine countries: Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, Austria, Japan and Belgium. This marked an extremely hard period for Tianjin and her people because those imperialist countries left permanent marks in her body, most notable of which were thousands of villas. Today those villas provide an exotic flavor to Tianjin, enhancing the beauty of the entire city.”

    No matter what you say, I am always 100% convinced the recent gangs of western nations ganging up on the olympics was an excuse to split up China and claim a piece of her.

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