9 June 2008

Stories from 9 June 2008

Peru: 10Blog Conference in Lima

  9 June 2008

Sandro Medina Tovar of Letra Suelta [es] publicizes the conference 10Blog, which will be held on Thursday, June 12 in Lima, Peru. The conference will provide speakers on various topics dealing with the blogosphere, such as legal aspects of blogs and philosophical fundamentals of blogs.

El Salvador: Blogger Ernesto Rivas Hospitalized

  9 June 2008

Hunnapuh [es] draws attention to a posting by blogger Ernesto Rivas Gallont, who apologized to readers of Conversations with Neto Rivas [es] for his absence due to a hospialization due to cardio-vascular problems. He writes, “Even though I have my laptop at the hospital, I don't think that it will...

Kuwait: Japanese Bug Fights

“Is there a game show the Japanese haven’t invented yet?? Japanese Bug Fights is a site with videos of bugs of different species battling out in a small glass arena,” writes Lebanese blogger Mark, who lives in Kuwait.

India: Bullying bloggers, stealing content, and threats!

  9 June 2008

As bloggers, we're a vulnerable lot. Regardless of anonymity, pseudonyms and the like, threats can still make us review how important a blog is. The case of Inji Pennu and Kerals.com is taking the blogosphere by storm. In what comes across as sheer bullying and intimidation, Kerals.com, a website that...

Lebanon: Responsibility for corruption

“When you still elect a murderer to a public office, you can’t really blame the government and its action. When you vote for a war criminal to lead you, don’t expect peace and harmony. When you leave a liar to stay in a government position, don’t blame that government for...

Mexico: citizen complaint over land expropiation in Copala

  9 June 2008

In Copala [en], a town south of Acapulco in the province of Guerrero in Mexico, comes this video denouncing the alleged expropriation of lands belonging to Isabel Pisa and Fabiola Abarca by the Municipal President, Gonzalo Gallardo García, member of the Green Ecological Party [es]. The plan was to build...

Jordan: Ray's Kuffayeh

Jordanian blogger Mental Mayhem writes here about Rachael Ray's Dunkin Donuts Controversy, and how the Kuffeyeh is an Arabic tradition and that her grandfather and uncle used to put it on while they have nothing to do with the Palestinian Jihad or any similar organizations.

Nepal: Traditions and Girls

  9 June 2008

With the collapse of the Monarchy, some traditions come under the scanner in Nepal. Wagle Street Journal on the tradition of Kumaris, where young girls are worshiped as goddesses and sometimes live in isolation.