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Iran: Green Activists in Movement and Photos

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Green blogs are a valuable source for understanding Iran's nature and environment, its problems and challenges. Green bloggers actively take part in campaigns to protect [1] nature and animals. They publish articles, stories, and photos, and they organize conferences and demonstrations. In this post, we look at green activism in Iran through the eyes of bloggers in last year.

Here are some photos of artistic environmental activity to protest against the destruction of nature and hunting of animals.

Art and Environment

Mojgan Jamshidi has published [2] [fa] several photos from a recent art festival in the northern city Noshahr. The photos were taken by Ahmad Nadalyan and Raheleh Zomorodnya:

An environmentalist in Noshahr Art festival

or hunting them:


Hamnahad has published [3] [fa] the photos of demonstrators who protested against the presence of an Italian circus in Tehran last January. They carried the photos of several animals in chains with slogans such as “Love us in freedom not in chains” or “Born in captivity has no desire to live.”


in his blog, Mohammad Darvish has written about [4] [fa] a conference about the construction of big dams, the consequences and alternatives. He was one of the speakers too.

Jamshidi shows [5] [fa] the negative impact of one dam in Iran, where the Urumiyeh lake [6] in the north west has become a salt lake and animals have perished.


Grey Wolf shows [7] [fa] people planting trees together for a better future.