5 June 2008

Stories from 5 June 2008

Armenia: Liberalism and Gay Parades

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on the reaction of a local theatre director to to much “liberalism” in Armenian society. In addition to warning that the situation will result in more pornography, the director also warned that Yerevan will eventually hold it's own gay parade. The blog disagrees with the conservative...

Armenia: Pro-Government Looters

Unzipped comments on the prosecution of three people arrested for looting in the post-election 1 March clash between opposition supporters and the authorities. Ironically, the blog notes, the men claim to be supporters of the new president and not the main opposition challenger, and says that there are always people...

Georgia: Diaspora in Russia

Window on Eurasia says that one in five Georgians lives in the Russian Federation and considers how a sizable Georgian Diaspora might affect future relations between the two usually antagonistic countries.

Armenia/Georgia: Economic Relations

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a recent report it produced for the United Nations on economic relations between Armenia and Georgia. The blog says that despite an ethnically Armenian populated region in Georgia bordering Armenia providing a natural basis for the development of trade between the two, there...

GV Summit 2008 – announcing reduced registration fees!

  5 June 2008

We've been working with our event partners in Hungary to have the registration fees for the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008 reduced to a rate that would be more accessible to greater numbers of people. We're delighted to announce that we've succeeded -- registration fees for the Summit have been slashed from €210 (approx US$323) to US$152 for both Summit days (June 27 and 28), including lunch and refreshments, for those registering before June 25.

Mobile Phone Technology for Environmental Activism

  5 June 2008

Mobile phones are becoming an important tool for environmental activists around the world. Activists are developing new technological strategies in order to do things like educate consumers about the impact of purchasing decisions, monitor wildlife and polution levels, and advocate for the protection of forests. A report from the United...

Bangladesh: US, Obama and Dreams

  5 June 2008

In the middle of Nowhere from Bangladesh remembers life as a graduate student in the US, and reflects on how Obama could have a great impact on segregation in the US.

Bahamas: Women's Rights

  5 June 2008

Amnesty International‘s 2008 report reminds Bahamian blogger Lynn Sweeting “that women’s rights are human rights and that human rights are in peril the world over.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Colombia: Duppies

  5 June 2008

“The silk cotton tree…is traditionally associated with duppies and jumbies, spirits who inhabit its vast, buttressed trunk, and who exact their revenge on anyone foolish enough to take an axe to the tree, or otherwise inflict damage”: Trinidadian blogger Nicholas Laughlin is a duppy for a day.