U.S.A.: Arthur Mkoyan's Dream Act

Talk Turkey comments on the case of an immigrant from Armenia who has been in the United States since the age of two. The valedictorian at his high school in Fresno, Arthur Mkoyan will be deported after he graduates. The blog criticizes Congress for not passing the Dream Act which would allow illegal immigrants who are high-achieving high school students the legal right to stay in the United States.


  • Mark

    This case makes me woder if some ppl have a heart. Or a brain for that matter. Arthur has as much right as anyone to stay here. He’s valedectorian at Bullard High and already go accepted to UC Davis. What is this 17 year old shy kid gunna do in Armenia? He doesnt even understand armenian!!

  • Joe Vadis

    Following is a copy of a letter I fired off the the Fresno field office of the USCIS regarding this kid:

    1177 Fulton Mall
    Fresno, CA 93721

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Regardless of what their status is we think what you are doing to the family of Arthur Mkoyan is abhorrent and un-American. Whilst you people allow dirtbags to stay via that “lottery” of yours, here is a hard working, NOT ON WELFARE, NOT LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS, family who are obviously (at least to those who are not retarded) an asset to the United States. Arthur Mkoyan is goal oriented and would help to stem the “brain-drain” our country is currently floundering in. We are beset by so many useless fools within the ranks of our own citizenry that any brilliance, citizen or not, is a welcome sight to those of us who actually strive to make our country a better place. By deporting this family you are committing a crime against the United States and what we stand for. And PLEASE don’t start with the “Homeland Security” rhetoric as these people are obviously (again, at least to those who are not retarded) not a danger to our country, but a valued asset. And don’t start with the “Law of the Land” rhetoric either! Laws were made for man, not man for laws. You want to do something positive for Homeland Security? DEPORT OBAMA!

    Kind Regards,

    Joe Vadis

    • Joe Vadis

      Just a quick folow-up on this post be me. Unsurprisingly, soon after I sent this letter I received a phone call from either the Secret Service or the FBI…some agent wanting to figure out if I was a threat to Obama!! Unbelievable! Our once great nation is not what is used to be. Maybe Armenia would be a better choice after all!! At least there, the people know what to expect at all times! Here, we Americans still live under the illusion of personal freedom and privacy and safety without government interference where they don’t belong!

      I stood my ground with the agent. He was pleasant and I was pleasant, but I did not alter a single thing in our conversation. Now I suppose I am on some ridiculous government watch list!! HAHA!! If so, I have one message for those watching….”YOU ARE TRULY BUFFOONS!”

      • kristina garabedian

        I would rather live in America where I don’t have to be worried about being thrown in jail or killed without just cause then to live in Armenia where this happens.

        At least in America you can say what you want and not be worried about being killed for it!

  • NYC Girl

    Hi Everyone, All I have to say is rules are rules, and the same rule should apply to everyone. And if Arthur does have excellent grades, he should just apply for student Visa and study here, just like other people do(and with his grades, that should not be a problem). So the people who are concerned for this educational future, need not worry anymore, because he can study in US by paying proper international student tuition.
    Problem solved.

    • Kristina Garabedian

      You are so naive to think that it is easy to apply and get a student visa. You are ignorant to the fact that if he is sent back, he will be placed in the army and will not be able to apply for a student visa and that his family will be arrested and thrown in jail because Armenia does not look kindly on families who protested the previous leaders and communism.

      The rules need to be changed!

  • Joe Vadis

    NYC Girl,

    You’re right. So let’s start with you. Do you have a right to be here? Are you part of one of the indigenous nations from which we stole this land? Are you ancestors Iroquois? Mohawk, Delaware, Erie, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Mahican, Mohegan, Montauk, Neutrals, Saponi, Tuscarora, Tulelo, Wappinger, or Wenrohronon, who are all the nations who inhabited the land we know as New York State, and whom we have practically extinguished, all in the name of “liberty” and “religious freedom”? Because if they are not, then you too must be deported for in spite of what you read in the history books, we are here illegally…all of us, other than the peoples I mentioned above. So, before you start passing judgment and spewing rhetoric about our so called immigration laws, take a good hard look at yourself and at the immigratory history of the current populations in the United States.

    This kid and his family are assets to the United States and should be welcomed with open arms. You don’t see them satisfied with being just dishwashers or fruit pickers; you don’t see them on welfare; you don’t see them trampling the American Flag and waving the Armenian Flag and trying to turn sections of the United States into “little Armenias!” No, on the contrary! These people have become something which puts many other immigrants, and current citizens for that matter, TO SHAME! Enough said!

  • Gary

    This is regarding NYC girl’s comment.If we were to have the same attitude that you seem to have,rules are rules,people of your gender still would not have the right to vote or we could still buy and sell slaves.Remember there is the rule of law and the spirit of the law which rules with compassion.Arthur and his family are the kind of people that establishes healthy communities around here.

  • PL

    Arthur is asking for support letters to show Senator Feinstein and to build a case for his private bill. It won’t take long so please send them in. Fire them off to artmkoyan@gmail.com

  • Jenny

    Hear a SONG about Arthur. Visit http://www.myspace.com/ElvirasSong. All songs about U.S. immigration reform debat.

  • Joe Vadis

    WHat’s the United States coming to? With regard to the letter I fired off to the INS in Fresno, today I received a call from an agent warning me that I should refrain from making statements like I did in the letter. Specifically. “DEPORT OBAMA.” He said that although legally he should report this letter to the Secret Service so they can put me on a government “watch list,” he wanted to talk with me first to “feel me out.” We had a very candid conversation and he told me that personally he agreed with all my viewpoints, but to be careful. Although he was not going to report my comment, in the future some other agent might. Well, I guess we’re either back in the 50’s and McCarthyism is raising it’s ugly head, or we’re in present day Venezuela…or maybe the KGB has taken over our government! When an American citizen can’t speak his mind securely, then I think it’s time for another American Revolution!


  • John

    Let me see if I rob a bank to feed my family its ok because we were hungry! The feedoff our tax payers thats just as wrong! So what if the kids a good student. He still got cought so hes a bad criminal!

  • Chase Callahan

    I urge everyone to call their senators and congressmen and women and urge them to support Senator Feinstien’s bill that would stop Mkoyan and his family from being deported.


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