Bahrain: Detainees at home and abroad

Last December, a number of Bahrainis were arrested following clashes between protestors and security forces, and many are still being detained. Allegations have been made that some of them are being tortured. In February, eight Bahrainis were arrested in Saudi Arabia, apparently for straying into a restricted area.

Concern has been expressed about the health of one of the December detainees, Abdulla Mohsen, who used to be a blogger, and Babbling Bahrania has addressed an open letter to him:

Dearest Abdullah,
The “cage went in search of a bird” – Kafka.
It was only a matter of time – but still, I didn’t expect you to be caged up for this long. Each word is a dagger wrenched out of a heart weighed heavy with shame, guilt and sorrow over what you are having to endure. The pen doesn’t know what the heart will say, but you have seen these words even before they appeared on this page since you are closer to my heart than the jugular vein. The pen is merely executing this letter-writing exercise as a postdated transcription of my tormented thoughts drained by internal bleeding. … In your letter you say that “they can fire bullets at us and at our dreams but they can not stop us from dreaming”. … Stay strong, passionate and committed…a hero needs no saviour, but we definitely need you!

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al Bader writes about the eight men being detained in Saudi Arabia:

لكل إنسان على هذه الكرة الأرضية وطن ولكل وطن شعب ولكل شعب حكومة ولكل حكومة قوانين ودساتير، ولكن هناك ثمانية أشخاص محتجزين بلا وطن وبلا حكومة ترعاهم، هم ثمانية يحملون الشهادات الجامعية ويدرسون أجيال وطن له شعب وحكومة ودستور، فهل من المعقول أن تتغافل حكومة عن مواطنيها وهم محتجزين بسجون دولة شقيقة بل دولة أخوية بكل ما تحمل من معنى الأخوة، لا يربطنها بها مجرد جسر بل يربطنا بها قوة المحبة والتعاون والتزاوج.
هم ثمانية محتجزين بالمملكة العربية السعودية (مجيد عبدالرسول سلمان الغسرة، عباس أحمد إبراهيم، سيدأحمد علوي عبدالله، عيسى عبدالحسن أحمد، محمد حسن علي مرهون، محمد عبدالله المؤمن، إبراهيم مرزم ومحمد مهدي) قصتهم أغرب إلى الخيال تم احتجازهم في بداية شهر مارس الفائت لا بسبب جرم أو إرهاب وإنما لأنهم أضاعوا الطريق ليدخلوا بالخطأ منطقة عسكرية محظورة، والعجيب بالأمر أنهم منذ احتجازهم حتى يومنا هذا وهم بالسجون الانفرادية لا يعلمون عن بعضهم بعض وفي أول وأخر زيارة لهم تمت قبل ثلاثة أسابيع قال أهاليهم الذي التقوا بهم بأنه أشكالهم تغيرت بصورة كبيرة وأثار التعب على وجوهم نعم التعب الجسدي والنفسي، تعب الابتعاد عن الأهل والوطن.
جميعهم ملفهم الأخلاقي والسياسي نظيف فلا شأن لهم بالسياسة، اهتماماتهم أما أن تكون رياضية أو ثقافية، فأين العدل والإنسانية والحقوق، فلا ذنب اكترثوا ولا محاكمة أدانتهم، فمنذ احتجازهم حتى هذه الأيام والحديث متكرر ( لم تثبت عليهم أي تهم ولكن لازال التحقيق جاري معهم ) دخلنا الشهر الثالث والتحقيق مستمر معهم.

فهل يجد هؤلاء الثمانية وطنهم الذي أحتضنهم ورعاهم؟!!

Every person on this Earth has a nation; every nation has a people; all people have governments and all governments have laws and constitutions. However, there are eight people being held without a nation or a government which cares for them. They are eight people with university degrees, who are the educators of generations in a nation with citizens, a government and a constitution. Is is possible that a government ignores its citizens who are being held in the prisons of a neighbour, which maintains a close brotherly relation with, and not just a causeway. What ties us to them is the strength of love, cooperation and inter-marriages.

They are eight held in Saudi Arabia (Majeed Abdulrasool Salman Al Ghasra, Abbas Ahmed Ibrahim, Sayed Ahmed Alawi Abdulla, Isa Abdulhassan Ahmed, Mohammed Hassan Ali Marhoon, Mohammed Abdulla Al Moamen, Ibrahim Marzam and Mohammed Mahdi). Their story is stranger than fiction. They were arrested at the beginning of March not for a crime they committed but because they took a wrong turn and entered a restricted military zone. What is strange in the matter is that they have been in solitary confinement, each in a cell not knowing of the other, since their arrest. In the first and only visit of their families to them, three weeks ago, their families said that their attires have changed a lot since they last saw them and that the effects of physical and mental exhaustion was apparent on their faces – the exhaustion of being away from home and relatives.

They all enjoy a clean record – morally and politically. They have nothing to do with politics. Their interests are in sports or cultural activities. Where is justice, humanity and rights? They have not committed a crime or have been sentenced by a court of law. Since their arrest to this day, the same comment is being repeated: “Nothing has been proved against them and investigations are continuing.” This is the third month and investigations are still continuing.

Will those eight ever find the nation which nurtured and protected them?

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