2 June 2008

Stories from 2 June 2008

Moldova: Neutrality and Transnistria

Douglas Muir of A Fistful of Euros writes that one way to solve the Transnistria problem could be for Moldova to declare “permanent neutrality, withdrawing from GUAM (Georgia – Ukraine – Azerbaijan – Moldova, or the Union of Former Soviet States Who Have Difficult Relations With Russia And Aren’t Joining...

Bahrain: In the Land of Law

Bahraini blogger Khalid is surprised with the knee jerk reactions taken by the government - after the Minister of Interior issued an order to ban issuing work permits for workers from Bangladesh - in a country which prides itself of being a democracy with laws and a constitution in place.

Yemen: Dinosaur Tracks Near Sana'a

“No dinosaur tracks had ever been found in the Arabian Peninsula before; but just about 30 kilometers from Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, fossils now reveal that a herd of 11 gigantic dinosaurs — sauropods – about 150 million years ago, left deep tracks into the earth,” reports Omar Barsawad...

Israel: Respect from Arabs

From Israel, Yael notes that there is a silver lining to each cloud. She adds: “Among Arab nations, the fact that we are going after Olmert for his corrupt behaviour is winning us a great deal of respect. They are looking at us and saying ‘hey! this is a model...

Syria: No Shia'a Version for Holy Qur'an

Ahmad Nathir Bakdash [Ar] tells us that he has uploaded a version of the Holy Qur'an on the internet here. He notes that he hasn't found a version of the Holy Book for Shia'a as some claim and concludes his post by asserting that there is no such thing as...

Bahrain: Detainees at home and abroad

Last December, a number of Bahrainis were arrested following clashes between protestors and security forces, and many are still being detained. Allegations have been made that some of them are being tortured. In February, eight Bahrainis were arrested in Saudi Arabia, apparently for straying into a restricted area. Concern has...

Armenia: E-Government

The Armenian Observer commends the Armenian Foreign Ministry for utilizing the Internet in its activities. The blog even notes that it has set up a YouTube channel.

Bangladesh: EU and Illegal Immigrants

  2 June 2008

Words and Bites on a new EU directive in question, which deals with the deportation and detention of “illegal immigrants”, which many think may have serious human rights ramifications.

Japan: Mixi and Anonymity

  2 June 2008

Mixi is Japan's most popular social networking service, with over ten million users. A new competitor has entered the scene, however, with Facebook having just having been localized to Japanese. One blogger comments on the differences between these two SNS and on the problems with Mixi's culture of anonymity, criticizing its reliance on the illusion of "conscience".

Georgia: Lost Monkeys of Abkhazia

This is Tbilisi Calling comments on a new documentary film about the Primate Research Center in the breakaway region of Abkhazia. The blog says that there is speculation that in the Soviet period there were attempts to create a hybrid between humans and monkeys and that some of the primates...