China: Where are you, LES blood donors?

After the frightful calamity of Sichuan earthquake, people from all walks of life in China are attending various charitable activities to help those victims, however, lesbians, a special community which is unwelcome to the Chinese traditional mainstream, are left in a predicament when they try to contribute as blood donors.

The blog of les+, a voluntary Lesbian magazine, published an article titled by Where are you, LES blood donors? to criticize the ban on blood from lesbians:

“We want to donate blood”





北京女同小组同语目前正在收集拉拉献血的故事,并计划向有关部门呼吁修改献血规定。献过血的拉拉,请发邮件到 ,告诉我们你的献血经历。让我们大家一起携手,消除社会对同性恋的歧视,帮助他人,帮助自己!

After Wenchuan was hit by an 8 magnitude earthquake, the whole nation has been in deep sorrow. People all over China actively donate either money or blood, trying to express their concern. In the homosexual community, we also make donations for the earthquake-stricken area, and many of us went to donate blood without any hesitation, in hope of saving more lives of the victims.
A lot of LESs find out the regulations of blood donation have specified the homosexual people are prohibited from donating blood. The blood stations rejected some LESs’ offer when they indicated their sexual orientation (even some of them have the rare RH-negative blood), on the ground that the homosexual is the high-risk group of AIDS.
However, as to the contaminated blood transmitted by unprotected sex, lesbians are not more dangerous than any other groups. A study applying to all the sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including AIDS and Hepatitis B, showed that sex between women is comparatively low-risky (compared to other groups).
During the national calamity, everyone is trying to contribute something to help the victims and save lives, but the unreasonable regulations have prevented altruistic act of the homosexual and disappointed all of us. LESs long to take an active part in the disaster relief, so please don't turn down our earnest donations.
Tongyu, a lesbian association in Beijing, is collecting the blood donation stories of LESs, and going to call for an amendment of blood donation rules. LESs who have donated blood please send email to , telling us your experience of donation. Let's hold on together to eliminate the homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation; help others and help ourselves!

Comments in les+‘s blog:

作者:诱惑你 发布于:2008-05-28 06:40:50

Author: Tempt You Posted on: 2008-05-28 06:40:50
Not bad

作者:Chelsea 发布于:2008-05-28 15:12:36

Author:Chelsea Posted on:2008-05-28 15:12:36
I'm not a medical profession, but I think once the homosexual genes do exist, such regulations should be reasonable.
However, according to that logic…people with violent or mutant genes won't qualify for the standards of blood donation, either.
It all depends on the victims of the earthquake. What's more important to them, to live on or to maintain the “purity” of their genes?

作者:游客 发布于:2008-05-31 23:45:09

Author:Guest Posted on:2008-05-31 23:45:09
I have seen the related problems after my colleague who recently went to donate blood was asked to complete a pile of questionnaires.
One of the questions is: whether has drug addiction, homosexual history or AIDS history.
They put such three items together, holding a wrong point that they are related with each other.
In fact, the blood of LESs is safer than those heterosexual.

Being listed with other communicable diseases like AIDS and leprosy, all “the homosexual and people who have multiple sexual partners” are banned from donating blood, according to China's health standards for blood donors (《献血者健康检查标准》) .

The questionnaire of blood donation in Beijing Xidan in 2008

A thread in Tianya fully quoted les+‘s article that protests regulations against lesbian donors. Netizens, including many LESs, showed their views and experience of blood donations there:

作者:不能告诉你11 发布于:2008-5-28 13:59:12
不会吧,献血的 时候,告诉人家,是同性恋干什么?

Author: Can't Tell You 11 Posted on:2008-5-28 13:59:12
Oh, no. Why did you tell others you are homosexual while donating blood?
Doesn't the hospital make any blood test before using it? Does that mean the unclean blood from the heterosexual is also used without any test?
No way~~~~~~it's too horrible.

作者:黄泉路上遛狗  发布于:2008-5-28 14:10:29 

Author: Walking the Dog on Huangquan Road Posted on:2008-5-28 14:10:29
Someone only donated platelet. I was just dizzy at that time and didn't notice such regulations, but the question about the homosexual history must only aim at GAY, right?

作者:沉默的小小猪 发布于:2008-5-28 14:49:29 

Author:Silent piggy Posted on: 2008-5-28 14:49:29
I have donated. They would ask you to complete a questionnaire in which one of the items is: whether has homosexual history…
Just ignore it when you fill the form.
It's OK as long as you are healthy and don't have other diseases or hereditary diseases.
Let those with money contribute money, those with blood contribute blood, and those with strength contribute strength.

作者:应该有个马甲了  发布于:2008-5-28 18:07:13 

Author:Should Have a Waistcoat Posted on:2008-5-28 18:07:13
It must aim at GAY.
When I went to donate blood, I was extremely annoyed at that ban.

作者:xxxian 发布于:2008-5-28 20:27:55 
如果拉拉去献血,并在填表的时候说明自己是同性恋,也会被拒绝 – 我们听到不少这样的例子!

Author: xxxian Posted on:2008-5-28 20:27:55
Now the restriction of blood donation is aimed at all the homosexual, including lesbians.
If a les goes to donate blood, and shows her sexual orientation, she will be also turned down-we have heard a number of similar examples!

作者:xxxian 发布于:2008-5-30 9:06:41
希望这里的版主能支持一下,谢谢 :)

Author:xxxian Posted on:2008-5-30 9:06:41
Such regulations are obviously unreasonable.
If we can call for the public health department to change the regulations, the social discrimination and prejudice on the homosexual will be greatly eased.
Hope the webmaster here can support it. Thanks:)

作者:豆子的挪挪 发布于:2008-5-30 15:34:41 

Author:The Bean's Nana Posted on:2008-5-30 15:34:41
I donated blood for four times before 2004. I didn't notice the regulations then and everything was going well.

作者:作客人生  发布于:2008-5-30 18:02:10 

Author:A Guest of Life Posted on:2008-5-30 18:02:10 
I have also donated four times, once a year. I saw the regulations every time, but I'm sure I am very healthy. Besides, the blood center would always send me a message to tell that my blood examination was very normal. I have kept all the messages, which may make me angry or forgive their ignorance. We all have the same red blood. Please forgive those common people. Take its own way and leave others reviewing.

作者:共老 发布于:2008-5-30 19:00:57 

Author:Old Gong Posted on:2008-5-30 19:00:57
That's obviously discriminative clause!!!!!!!
The general status of homosexual is very low.
Although the medical circle has acknowledged homosexuality is not mental disease for a long time,
you can easily find a couple of psychological books from library,
in which homosexuality is clearly classified as disease with many different therapies.
They just create disease for healthy people.
Don't even think about it that such books are disappearing. There are a lot.

作者:老婆的黏豆包 回复日期:2008-5-30 21:29:24 

Author:Wife's sticky Doubao Posted on:2008-5-30 21:29:24
I went to donate blood on May 23.
I admit I lied. I am les and I have tattoos. I was having my period that day (later than the donation).
But on May 28, I received a message as follows: “Thank you for your contribution! Your blood donated on May 23 has passed the inspection. We welcome you to contribute again after November 28, 2008! 62758257 Shanghai Blood Center【Shanghai Blood Donations】”

作者:走出巫山的云 发布于:2008-5-31 3:26:54 

Author:Cloud Walking out of Wu Mountain Posted on:2008-5-31 3:26:54 

If he doesn't want me to donate, I won't do. I don't want to make troubles. Although I'm homosexual, I never have promiscuous sexual acts. As for the risk of contaminated blood I am actually much safer than many heterosexual people. Such clause made by the authorities is useless. Who can tell the homosexual from the heterosexual during the blood donating? The safety of blood users can't be guaranteed unless a strict verification is conducted. So the clause is nothing more than a discrimination against the homosexual.

作者:雨水之恋y 发布于:2008-5-31 7:11:17 

Author:The Love of Rainwater y Posted on:2008-5-31 7:11:17
On the second day when we were working as volunteers, the plasma aid didn't come in time, so we went to donate blood immediately. After a simple test, the doctor just directly drew our blood with injector. There were even no blood bags, let alone a questionnaire. So I didn't know whether there's such a clause that prohibits LESs from donating blood. If it does exist, it should be unreasonable. LESs with human rights like us are also patriotic and innocent. Why should they face such discrimination?

A post in Netease BBS also quoted and introduced the article of les+‘s blog. Some netizens expressed their negative feelings of homosexuality and different views on LES blood donations:

作者:游客 发布于:2008-05-30 11:13:58

Author:Guest Posted on:2008-05-30 11:13:58
It's weird. A hype??
I have never donated blood, so I know little about it…
Will people be asked about their sexual orientation when they donate blood…
The gays are more at risk for the infection that causes AIDS than the heterosexual…
It's unlucky that the clause involves the innocent lesbians.

作者:游客 发布于:2008-05-30 11:52:12

Author:Guest Posted on:2008-05-30 11:52:12
We should squarely face the question, but not present impulsion. For people's safety, we have rights to reject insecure factors. Can you call it discrimination? The homosexual is an issue that deserves a deep consideration.

作者:ziyue44 发表于:2008-05-30 14:09:26

Author:ziyue44 Posted on:2008-05-30 14:09:26
Personal opinion: as long as homosexuality is not forbidden by the law, the gays and lesbians absolutely have rights to live in their own way; it's their freedom and no one has the right to interfere in their life. From the other view, do the homosexual have anything to do with you?Do they bother you? If not, why do you meddle in others’ affairs?

作者:lunlun-1988 发布于:2008-05-30 14:32:02

Author: lunlun-1988 Posted on:2008-05-30 14:32:02
Your patriotism is OK, but to be on the safe side, such regulations are reasonable; it's not discrimination, so the persons involved should understand it! I'm not a medical major, but I have been studying medical science as my elective course. I know it's not only China that is faced with such problems, but the whole world! Hope you can firstly look for some relevant information and policies, and then decide what to do next, and don't forget to give more support to the Party and government. Here on behalf of myself, I personally appreciate you and your contribution.

作者:游客 发表于:2008-05-30 14:46:16

Author:Guest Posted on:2008-05-30 14:46:16
I have went to donate blood for N times. Why didn't I see the regulations you mentioned?
If you just want to publicize yourselves, please watch the time!
National calamity!!!! If you are really compassionate, you should have made use of your advertising time to contribute more for the people in the disaster area!!
Can we just talk about the issue of homosexuality later??????????????????


  • 我对你们的讨论站很感兴趣,想参加。

  • Matt Y.

    Takes time for the society to be more tolerant. Even on the bulletin board of Fudan University, there were still some stupid comments about homosexuality when most other students found it “absurd” to judge other people’s lifestyles.

    Even in some western countries there are still some institutional discrimination against the LGBT communities, although the trend is getting more open and tolerant.

    As far as I know many Chinese men secretly go for an “er nai(a word like ‘concubine’)” after they get married. It’s not only a homosexual thing to be promiscuous. All groups have their fair share. Yet it’s rather hard to change the stereotypes.

  • addie

    5 Generations later, things might be different. gay population is big and getting bigger, time will come…… People die, things change. Blood donate in China is a lie. At least i felt like one. Google it!

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