1 June 2008

Stories from 1 June 2008

Brazil: First blog falls victim to electoral law

  1 June 2008

The Rio de Janeiro Electoral Court demanded this week that Brazilian bloggers deleted banners they had published in support of their candidate for the Rio Mayoral 2008 elections - or the candidate would have his candidacy banned. Bloggers reacted strongly to it and may now say that they were victorious in this battle against censorship.

Armenia: Children's Day

Unzipped says that International Children's Day, marked worldwide on 1 June, took on a more political tone in Armenia this year with the families of detained opposition activists staging a protest yesterday near the General Prosecutor's Office and United Nations building in downtown Yerevan. The blog calls on the Armenian...

Georgia: The Lost Colony

Steady State briefly reviews The Lost Colony, a documentary film by a Dutch filmmaker on the primate research center in Sukhumi, capital of the breakaway region of Abkhazia in Georgia. The film was specifically produced to mark the Sukhumi Primate Center's 80th anniversary. The center is the oldest of its...

Blogger of the Week: Rebekah Heacock

  1 June 2008

Global Voices author for Uganda, Rebekah Heacock spent two weeks in the capital city Kampala back in 2006, and decided that she needed to return for a longer period of time. When she did, she also began to blog and it played a large role in her time abroad, "Blogging in Uganda grounded me in a way that few other things did. It was a familiar act that took place in an unfamiliar world, and it was a way for me to process what I was seeing and how I was living."

China: Where are you, LES blood donors?

  1 June 2008

After the frightful calamity of Sichuan earthquake, people from all walks of life in China are attending various charitable activities to help those victims, however, lesbians, a special community which is unwelcome to the Chinese traditional mainstream, are left in a predicament when they try to contribute as blood donors.