China: Sharon Stone on Earthquake

Lam Kay pointed out that the mainstream media had mistranslated[zh] Sharon Stone's comment on Sichuan earthquake and caused a lot of misunderstandings in the Chinese world.


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  • Sam

    I think Oiwan Lam is wrong. Nobody mistranslated, we all understand that she only suggested the idea of karma but it was a bad suggestion and we reacted to it. Just like you are suggesting that you have the only proper English translations. I am suggesting that you are an arrogant idiot.

  • Shame

    “Nobody mistranslated”

    Can u read Chinese at all?

    Shame on you Sam!

  • Over 70,000 Han & tibetans Chinese died. ovewr 20,000 missing, 370,000 severly injured at the Chinese earthquake. Sharon Stone said that Chinese deserved this deadly quake. many children became parentless,homeless & suffered mental devastation. Sharon stone is evil,inhuman,no compassion,no concience,love to see people suffer. she will be punished by God. tibetans at the quake were saying that tibetans & han – we are all chinese we should united together, but sharon stone tried very hard to separate the 2 ethinic group & create animosity in between them.

  • qwerty133

    tibetans don’t think they are chinese, tibet is currently occupied by the chinese, tibet is under chinese oppression, tibetans were tortured or killed for refusing to submit, the recent earth quake in china provides a golden opportunity for the chinese to convert themselves from victimizers to victims.

    sharon stone spoke the truth, what you reap is what you sow

  • The land of tibet was part of China for more than 1,400 yrs. At that time the present ethnic tibetan were not even there. tibet land lives several ethnic groups. Tibet is autonomous region & is rule by tibetans. Majority of ethnic groups in tibet want to be under China & continue to rule by themselves. The recent rioters (300/400 people trouble makers) were encouraged by dalia lama to riot. The rioters burned down 6 hospitals in Lahsa,schools,looted the shops before burned it,attacked & killed many local tibetans people. CNN reporters lied about many reporting, ambulance van as police van,healthcare workers helping the injured as police attacking people, There small group of trouble makers with dalia lama outside tibet have no right to make decision(s) for the majority of people live in tibet area that they are self- rule & wanted to remain with China. Tibet when it was under dalia lama (extremely poverty,lots of corruption,lack of healthcare,lack of school,lack of foods) Over the years China have built many hospitals,schools,colleges,universities,roads,railway – carry fresh vegetables,fruits to Lahsa at a bargain price,all the local products can be carried away to be sold, with railway people can travel in faster speed & in comfort at bargain price. Tremendously improve local living standard,income,housing,employment,supply of necessary goods.

  • Gquest

    My native language is English and Ms Stones comments were uninformed, foolish, and hateful. My wife is native Han Chinese and the way it was translated on the websites she view, was accurate. I would like to know how a country as large as China can share it’s fate under one “karma”. I was under the impression that karma was something that effected an individual because of their way of living, not a collected system for unconnected individuals. I lean more toward the dao, so I am not informed on this.

    Thank you

  • qwerty133: you have never been to tibet. tibetans consider themself as tibetan Chinese. tibet land were part of China for over 1,400 yrs. At that time the present ethnic tibetans were not there. tribet land lives many groups of ethnic minorities & are self ruled.if you have concience you will not talk about something you have not see for yourself or you do not know – many reporters & trouble makers lied. recently CNN reporters lied about their reports & was criticised by their fellow journalists. Ambulance vans reported as police vans,healthcare workers were helping the injured that were attacked by rioters were accused by CNN reporters as police. Local tibetans,han,muslims,include other ethnic group live in tibet were attacked,even killed by the rioters incited by dalia lama group. qwerty133: you by talking about something beyond your interlectual capacity that you are showing your ignorant. So the
    less you say the better for you your blind accusations is very serious defamation. Otherwise you will be punished by God.

  • chan

    She must learn from someone ? Who is Sharon Stone’s karma teacher?

  • Joe of Australia

    Mis-translation or otherwise you have to admit that this is most insensitive thing to say. You should know that being a public figure, together with wealth and fame there is a price to pay, that is be a role model to their young admirers. So they have to be extremely careful of their actions and public speeches. They have great influence on other people thinking it is alright to say that because my hero also said it. This is the moral side.
    On the commercial side when they sign contract for advertisement they are obliged to maintain a good image. Dior did not pay her big dollars to piss off the potential customers.
    In fact what have Edison Chan and Celicia Cheung done to hurt the uninvolved people? It’s just that the photos have been uploaded by someone else and that has set a bad example.
    Mel Gibson said something about the Jews when he was drunk and he also paid for it. Sharon Stone was sober. So please no more excuses for her.

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