Uzbekistan: Tashkent blogged

It is very interesting to notice that during the recent days the Uzbek blogosphere was mainly discussing Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan.

Today, Tashkent is at a stand of its beauty, as it is too early for summer heat and it is green and clean also. For a long time Tashkent has been the heartland of Central Asia – unlike other Stans – having closer ties with Kremlin and being the capital of the only Central Asian country that has borders with all other four countries of the region plus Afghanistan.

Today, Tashkent still plays a significant role in the region's political and economic life. However, the blogosphere was neglecting the Tashkent's position in the region and was mainly discussing the antique historical sites and beautiful infrastructure of the city that has been under constant reconstruction after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Lilianitta writes in her blog that she had been looking for a chance to go out and see the historical Tashkent for a long time, and she has finally got this chance. She describes historical facts of the city and posts many interesting photos of ancient mosques, medereses and tombs of Muslim clerics.

In 2009, we will celebrate Tashkent’s 2200 anniversary. The downtown is now full of very tall modern buildings – hotels, banks, business centers. A friend of mine says they make the city lose its individuality. He may be right, though I personally like everything in Tashkent. But in the Old Town everything is very special – eastern markets, communities and old narrow streets. Everything is surprisingly original.[ru]

Another great collection of fresh photos of Tashkent one can find in Alexander’s blog. Alexander writes a post about his travel to Tashkent from Novosibirsk, Russia.

Tashkent is very warm, green, and a pleasant city in all respects. Uzbeks are very hospitable and positive people. It is snowing in Novosibirsk, but in Uzbekistan it is +32 C… Right after we landed and passed all custom controls, we found ourselves in an old Soviet taxi, and went to a house of a person with whom we got acquainted in the airport… The Uzbek cuisine, I must say, is not only specific, but also very delicious.[ru]

Alexander continues writing counting the advantages of the city and attaching the photo to it as a proof.

Tashkent is very clean. You don't see garbage, especially in the center. The air is so fresh and there is no dust… Uzbek girls are very beautiful… It may be very surprising, but there is almost no traffic jams in the city… Many historical sites, especially old mosques… The prices are surprisingly low.[ru]

Another interesting post about Tashkent one can find in Narishka’s blog, where she writes about her memories of Tashkent. According to her, Tashkent is one the greatest places she has ever been to and that one must travel there in order to understand her. Narishka makes a list of her memories writing every detail of life in Tashkent:

1. In Tashkent, you never pay more than 2 cents for a bundle of fennel.
6. You are at least once in a while are waken up early in the morning by the crazy sounds of national musical instruments from the wedding ceremony in your neighborhood.
15. You know that Broadway exists not only in the States.
32. Tea is served in pialas [round cups], and you know that it is not polite to serve a full piala, just on the bottom.[ru]

There is also a thematic blog dedicated to Tashkent, hosting fresh photos, interesting facts and news about Tashkent. One of the peculiarities of this blog is that it gives many links to other sources, where you can find lots of useful information about the city.

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