China: Chinese Red Cross on corruption watch

Bloggers continue to monitor earthquake corruption, as they wait for the truth to come out as to why so many school buildings collapsed so easily in this month's massive earthquake.

The parents of children who died, though, aren't waiting. On Sunday a group from Mianzhu city took photos of their children and marched to the larger Deyang city to seek justice [zh] from Party officials there.

The problem goes back to criticism that many schools which completely crumbled in the earthquake were cut short and built to stand as sturdy as though made from tofu suds. Sohu blogger Crisker offers photos from Mianzhu which us a better sense of what the childless parents there are feeling now:


“The children didn't die as a result of natural disaster, they died of dangerous buildings.”


The red scarf Chinese schoolchildren wear, representing a corner of the flag that so many died for in the CCP revolution:


Uncle, why did only our school collapse? Why???




Walls which crumbled appear to have been placed directly on the ground, no foundation can be seen.







Volunteers and others at the front line of the relief efforts continue [zh] to voice concerns about what they see there.

As for Chinese Red Cross, which is handling the vast majority of domestic donations for the earthquake relief fund, several journalist-bloggers early this week came across a thread on the heavily patriotic Strong Nation Forum which strongly suggests something shady is going on at Chinese Red Cross in how it purchases many of its tents.

It looks like Bullog blogger and ‘smoking gun’ tip-off man the ProState In Flames blogger was one of the first to give this story [zh] some prominence.


Just what exactly kind of relationship is it that Wang Ping has with The Most Awesome Tent Company?
Source: Strong Nation Forum


Comrade Wang Ping from the Red Cross, the netizens are curious: just what sort of relationship is it that exists between you and this tent company? Red Cross, please stand up and boldly explain!






1. Being an old netizen here on the Strong Nation Forum, my words come responsibly. But my alias has been locked down, so I've just registered another. One takes responsibility for what they write, so would the webmaster please let this one go? I'm willing to go to prison, so netizens need not worry about me.

2. All information comes from the official People'sNet websites and other official websites.

Today, the Strong Nation Forum invited Red Cross employees Wang Ping and others to come in for an interview, and uploaded to People'sNet the Red Cross purchasing contract and receipts that Wang Ping and others presented, so please see the text of the contract and the accompanying photos. What makes one most suspicious is that as Red Cross employees, they are being suspected of having given signatures representing a “Beijing Yulong Noah Tents Co.



Note: The representative of the supplier, “Beijing Yulong Noah Tents Co.,” is signed with the name “Wang Ping”. If, now, you question whether or not that is Wang Ping's signature, please see the signature on the inscription given to People'sNet, and whether the handwriting is consistent:




We're very curious, just how is it that Wang Ping can represent Beijing Yulong Noah Tents Co. (whose General Manager is named Wang Cui) in signing a purchasing contract with the Red Cross, but at the same time be working for the Red Cross???

Also, following an internet search, Beijing Yulong Noah Tents Co. was incorporated by Wang Cui, and there are fewer than ten employees.
Please refer to this address from the internet search:



This company might just be the Most Awesome Small Company in history; with less than ten staff, it has successfully been the only bid winner for the Red Cross for the past 15 years; please see this url:






This is the record of Wang Ping's visit to the Strong Nation Forum:
Netizen tea3000: Yet again for the second time request our honored guest Wang Ping answer: what is your relationship with Beijing Yulong Noah Tents Co. Ltd. General Manager Wang Cui? If there is none, please state that there is none.

Wang Ping: I do not know this person “Wang Ping”, and I have no relationship with this person. I've also stated that our open tenders are handled by a state service center. I myself have never taken part in purchasing or open tender work.

So we are very curious, Wang Ping says he does not know Wang Cui, but, Wang Cui has been supplying the Red Cross for over 15 years, and it is its only successful tendering company, so is it possible that that don't know each other?

We're very curious, as to how this company, whose annual power consumption consists of only just one megawatt hour, gets its production capacity from, enough to support the special treatment of being “the only bid winner for the Red Cross for the past 15 years”?
(Please see this internet search result:

Would you risk going to prison to make an accusation like that? As a preface to his reposting of the story from ProState In Flame's blog, Bullog blogger and former journalist Wen Yunchao writes with uncharacteristically strong language in his post ‘Time for a life-or-death fight in defence of of news freedom’:


The bells of full-out harmoniousness have begun ringing, and we must fight a life-and-death battle in defence of news freedom, for our civil rights, and for our consciences. I welcome everyone to post unlimitedly the below text to all the blogs and forums to which you are able to spread information, and to repost any information of assistance in safeguarding our civil rights and consciences. We swear to drown all harmonious orders in the vast ocean that is the masses of the people.

After the Strong China Forum and then the highly-regarded ProState In Flames, the news quickly hit Tianya and nearly all major forum sites, so the human flesh search engines have been able to dig up every trace mention of Beijing Yulong Noah Tents Co. that exists online, including a whole series of bids the company had won with the Ministry of Civil Affairs going as far back as 1998. ProState In Flames himself has since posted detailed info on companies that Wang Cui himself has incorporated, as well as more on related tenders for Chinese Red Cross tent purchases.

Since it's been put like that, what have you seen that you can pass on?


  • Kai

    @ yinbin: You asked for it.

    @ Jules: You probably didn’t need to say “Chinese will do anything for money” as we all know many people of any nationality will do anything for money. That statement alone, without additional qualifiers, will probably just result in a bunch of people getting on your case.

    @ Knights (of STARS? wtf is “STARS?”): You still have not yet understood or accepted the very nature of being part of the international community. Get used to the criticism and stop being so thin-skinned, that’s life. When news of the Twin Towers getting hit on 9/11, many (not all) Chinese school children stood up and applauded. Don’t tell me there weren’t Chinese people who thought 9/11 was the karmic result of American foreign policy.

    China applied and lobbied to the the Olympic host city. There is no excuse for a sophisticated nation like China and its leadership to have not anticipated that doing so would thrust China into the spotlight, simultaneously affording China the opportunity to show off to the world and exposing itself for scrutiny and criticism.

    You continuously playing the victim card for China does not help us Chinese whatsoever nor does it make any meaningful advances in ongoing dialogue.

  • chan

    Send my sincere Hope :-
    H means “Healing” to all. Physical and Mental
    O means “Optimism”-The belief that everything will improve and good will ultimately triumph over
    P means “Passion”-Enthusiam, Boundless Ardent Love
    E means “Endeavour”earnest and conscientious intend to do or accomplish something successfully from now

    With HOPE, lives carrying on with True puropse….
    everything will be better and better…

    国难当前, 匹夫有责 !!!!

  • Kai

    @ yinbin: LoL, I reckon we have similar educational backgrounds judging by the stilted language you seem fond to employ (“prognosticatons” wow).

    Might I remind you that Chinese people are often considered, by outsiders and themselves, to be weak and incapacitated in various ways due to the realities in which they live.

    Moreover, it is entirely debatable as to whether or not “China” is indeed waging a “serious and ferocious” (my, what big teeth you have) battle against corruption. Given the pervasive sentiment amongst outsiders and natives alike that corruption is a serious and commonplace problem in China, what exactly are you offering to support your contention? I don’t see anything from you yet, only your seething contempt for anyone who “wishes ill to your country.”

    This is what I’ll grant with regards to this matter: There are some visible efforts and good intentions, which are arguably more apparent from the central government but consistently lacking in regional, provincial, and municipal governments. The vast majority of Chinese hate the phenomenon of corruption but depsite their widespread condemnation, the average Chinese feels utterly helpless (weak and incapacitated?) with regards to stopping it. How “serious” and how “ferocious” is China really “battling” corruption when its populace feels this resigned?

    I think we Chinese can do better and part of helping us do better is to tell ourselves that we’re not satisfied with what is being done and we need to try harder. Telling ourselves that this is already “the best we can” do is not exactly constructive. It is defensive. I won’t begrudge my fellow Chinese who feel defensive when faced with torrents of criticism from outsiders, especially if they’re based upon categorical ignorance, but there comes a time when we have to face the music and say, “yes, you’re right. These are the problems we’re facing, here are the challenges and limitations, and can you give us some well-reasoned suggestions?”

    You know, as opposed to “I hate all who say bad things (oops, wish “ill”) about my country.” For someone with such an impressive vocabulary, I would imagine you’d have the rationality to let lesser beings not get to you.

    …but then again, I keep responding to knights so maybe I’m not one to talk. :P

  • Knights


    “When news of the Twin Towers getting hit on 9/11, many (not all) Chinese school children stood up and applauded. Don’t tell me there weren’t Chinese people who thought 9/11 was the karmic result of American foreign policy. ”

    These children did not say it in public during the cannes festival. These children are not American celebrities who earns money in the U.S. Sharon does have her free speech, but free speech comes with responsibilities. She can say whatever with her family or friends at home, but saying it in public has consequences.

    1) She’s a celebrity
    2) She makes tons of money off of advertisements in China
    Therefore She has to use her brain before she opens her mouth especially during a public event.

  • Knights

    I have to agree with Kai on this one

    “@ Jules: You probably didn’t need to say “Chinese will do anything for money” as we all know many people of any nationality will do anything for money. That statement alone, without additional qualifiers, will probably just result in a bunch of people getting on your case.”

    Jules, are you racist or something? You should say “People will do anything for money”

  • Knights

    “@ Knights (of STARS? wtf is “STARS?”): You still have not yet understood or accepted the very nature of being part of the international community. Get used to the criticism and stop being so thin-skinned, that’s life”

    I know that China tries to participate in the international community, and she gets slapped on the face.

    Criticism is welcomed, but not bullied by a bunch of gangs who plotted the conspiracy.

    Let me ask you a question, are you as happy as stone about the earthquake?

  • spread the message

    Lets’ talk love instead of hate,

    hatred is not the solution, before

    we fingerpoint each other for the

    world’s problems,

    we should try and help stop pollution!

    Do you want your children and grow up smelling polluted air and drinking polluted water?

    LEt us be friends to stop pollution for the sake of our children, our family and and us

    of course.


  • spread the message








    the truth is resources are finite,

    there fore lets work together



  • liang

    my english is poor! sorry!
    First: The China Red Cross of corruption incident occurred in September 26, 2007, there is nothing ahout earthquake on the May 12,2008!

    Second: Europe and the U.S. government hostile China is a fact! All the forces to split China in the United States! These people’s money from the United States! This is fact! ! They all live in USA,though they all Chinese!

    I am a Chinese, personally feel the earthquake disaster! Most of us are Chinese people respect the Europeans and the United States citizens! We do not want you to how friendly to Chinese! At least criticism of justness!

    Chinese people and our government has never been involved in other country’s politics! This is fact!
    If Europeans and Americans believe that China is undemocratic countries, the lives of Chinese people now still very backward, the Chinese people are barbaric!

    Well, I sincerely hope that you will come to China to look at, we will sincerely welcome you and your family and your friends!

    If you do not know the facts, we do not blame you, but please do not distort the facts!

    Thanks all foreigners,they help Chinese in this earthquake!
    Thanks very much!
    Chinese people always remember you!

    follow link show the pact about the corruption of tents

  • Kai

    @ knights #14:

    Sigh. Let me ask you: what major country DOESN’T get slapped in the face occassionally in the international community? The United States is constantly the subject of ridicule and criticism in the international community. Same for Germany, France, England, Korea, Japan, Russia, etc. etc. etc. Chinese people need to get used to it. If China wants to sit at the big people’s table, it needs to behave like one. Only children whine about their “hurt feelings.”

    What makes you think Stone was happy about the earthquake? What makes you think I would be? Stone made the mistake of letting everyone know she wondered if the earthquake was the karmic consequences of what she believed to be Chinese oppression of Tibetans. Judging by her actions throughout her life, it can safely be said that she certainly does not believe the individual Chinese who perished or suffered from the earthquake personally deserve their fates. It can be safely said that her statement implies that she feels the earthquake, as a terrible, costly national tragedy, may have been what the political entity of China deserved for its negative actions AS a political entity. However, it is far easier to interpret her statement in the simplest way possible in order to make yourself angry…and that’s what many Chinese are choosing to do. It also makes for good controversial news.

    Now, does Sharon Stone HAVE to use her brain before she opens her mouth? No, absolutely not. She has the freedom and right to be completely insensitive. Her freedom and right also comes with the responsibility to accept the consequences too. So, she deserves all of the indignation, hatred, and resentment that Chinese people are throwing at her. She has to accept that she’s pissed off a bunch of Chinese people, regardless of whether her comment was misunderstood or not, and she’ll have to accept that she might lose money or respect for it.

    She has a responsibility to herself to be careful when she opens her mouth if she values the impressions others have of her. She may even feel obligated to be careful for the interests of Dior whom she has a contractual relationship with. She doesn’t, however, have any absolute responsibility to anyone other than whom she chooses. Celebrities are individuals as well. They are ultimately no different than the many anonymous Chinese school children who stood up and applauded the deaths of Americans in the Twin Towers on 9/11. The insensitivity of Sharon Stone is no different form the insensitivity of Chinese school children. Insensitivity is insensitivity. The consequences she faces may be different and only she can decide what she must or must not do.

    @ knights #16:

    Let me ask you: What major country DOESN’T get occassionally slapped in the face by the international community? The United States, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. etc. etc. all face criticisms by someone or another in the course of international politics and interaction. If China wants to sit at the big people’s table, it needs to behave like an adult. Only children whine about getting their “feelings hurt.”

    People and nations look after their own self interests. They do not exist to make China feel special and welcome. If China’s interests are contrary to another country’s interests, there will be friction, tension, even conflict. This is the natural order of things. For the first time in a long time, China is actually fairly impervious to being bullied and actually has plenty of power to bully others (which it occassionally uses when it serves its interests). This is a FANTASTIC time for China where the efforts of Deng Xiao Ping’s reforms have finally yielded fruit. China’s economic strength has translated into substantial political strength. China has entrenched itself into the global economy and integrated through trade with the world’s nations to the point of interdependency. But acceptance of an interdependent relationship with China does not mean other countries have to agree or accept everything that China does or represents.

    Countries, like people, CAN indeed coexist without agreeing on everything. Countries, like people, CAN indeed coexist and work together even if they occassionally argue. That’s LIFE. I don’t know why you feel like China should be coddled by other countries. I don’t know why you have to be so thin-skinned. Please grow up and get used to the fact that there will always be people who disagree with you or want things that you don’t want. This is a competitive world. Winners do not spend their time whining about being bullied.

    I’m not happy about the Sichuan earthquake and I bet I shed more tears than you did. I’m willing to bet Sharon Stone wasn’t happy about it either. That you think she actually feels “happy” and that you would actually suggest that I would feel the same way says more about your immaturity than anything else. You insult me and you embarass me.

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