Macedonia: Greek Pacifists’ Visit

Anastas Vangeli posted his impressions of the anti-nationalistic and anti-militaristic Greek-Macedonian Dialogue which took place last Saturday – in Macedonian and English. The participants were branded as traitors in the Greek media, and the Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church put an anathema on them in his Sunday sermon.


  • hans

    Incorrect. In fact there was very little coverage in the mainstream greek media. Very few people care about what the bishop of Salonika has to say and this definitely does not include most of the activists who are left wing and not too religious anyway. The fact remains that the greek population, including people like composer Mikis Theodorakis, who cannot be called a nationalist by any standards (and who spoke of sealing the borders), are overwhelmingly united
    against what they see as absurd, irredentist and intrasigient positions by the Skopje government.
    There is no logical explanation why a name like non-greek Macedonia, which would recognize the existence and right
    of self-determination of greek Macedonians, who are
    unrelated to slav macedonians, would be unacceptable to
    slav macedonians.

  • Hans, your radicals can “overwhelmingly unite” around your domestic issues, not around the name of a foreign country.

    The “logical explanation” which you are seeking is that we ARE Macedonians, that’s how we feel, to the bone. Why are you Greek, have you asked yourself?

    And who says we do not recognize the ethnicity of those who feel that are Greek Macedonians? You can call yourselves whatever you want, and stop twisting the arm of others to COMPLY to your will. Are we equal?

  • hans

    First, I am not greek. Second, it is hard to call a whole country radical. What makes you any less?
    Your country has about 35% of the geographical area and less than half the population and wants to claim ALL of it?
    You feel macedonian? Great. So do some 2,5 mil greek macedonian. Do you feel you are the same nation? I don’t know about you, but they surely do not.
    Can two different things have the same name? This leads to
    confusion. Especially whan you talk about “Macedonian minority”. Why should they have to explain that although Macedonian, they are not part of any Macedonian minority an not related to “Macedonia”.
    What they see from your side is talk of occupied Macedonia, how they are related to sub-saharan africans and not to Alexander,as if you somehow were.
    Nobody is twisting your arm, except if you want friendly and allied relations, you have to behave like a friend and an ally, not in a hostile and insulting way.

    Why should they name themselves “greek macedonian”
    which to their eyes is redundant as macedonian is a subset of greek in their view and not you rename yourselves “slav” or “non-greek” macedonians?
    I fail to see why a name like “non-greek macedonia” is
    a problem for you and it would solve this silly name issue once and forall.

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