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  • jethro mayham

    Hello. I have been looking for a site that maybe I can ask some questions from a person that lives in Cambodia. Hopefully a person that keeps informed on development projects or are eye witness to various developments.


    do you know if there is really a sugar refinery in Cambodia? so they don’t have to import sugar.

    do you know if the “skytrain” will be built or is it all just talk? a project that can move large amounts of people and cut down on pollution in Phnom Penh. I have a
    cheaper proposal to allow more Camodian locals to use sysytem.

    do you know the status of CamKo City? did it really get started or nothing ever happened?

  • Becky

    pollution in PP?? have u been to PP?? a skytrain – WHY??, but u better have good questions or they will tear u apart

  • jethro mayham

    And what is wrong with the question? If they can’t handle it then I don’t need them.

    I didn’t ask about pollution because they have it. Just wipe your face when you go shopping and look at your hanky.

    any ways thanks for the the website. I will check it out. all I need is someone on the ground to give me their best observation if they have any.

    you see I live in Vietnam and it cost only $11 usd to go all the way to Phnom Penh (probably more now because of the oil hike). The problem I don’t have the time to go there at this moment.

  • If you want to keep ontop of Cambodia’s development, try my blog which is updated nearly every day.

    As far as any new, non-energy related projects being finished in Phnom Penh such as a ‘skytrain’ or the ‘Golden 42 Skyscrapers’, one only needs to look back to 1997 and the Asian financial crisis which started in Thailand to find the answers.

    Today the same type of financial tsunami is upon us but its beginnings are seen in other places this time (i.e. Vietnam) and for different reasons (i.e. energy costs).

    Yes, there is oil there but that revenue is years away and even when that money gusher is opened, the chances of it reaching the people and projects needed is slim to none.

    In the meantime, power generation, roads, telecommunications (Internet), rule of law, etc. are such complex problems within Cambodia that what little investor money there is that can change all the above, will most probably find another place to ‘hide’ during the hard times quickly coming to SE Asian economies….

  • ckim


    I live in Phnom Penh and I can answer your question, but not on a regular basis, because I’m full time employed.

    We don’t have a sugar refinery in Cambodia, but there is one planned in Koh Kong province by a local tycoon in joint venture with Thai business people.

    Sky Train. I believe it won’t happen until another at least five or ten years. The trial bus system implemented by JICA few years ago was failed because local people preferred motortaxi which can take up to their front door. Cambodia’s roads are not good for walking, so people preferred to be dropped off in front of their homes rather than taking buses and walk to their homes.

    Camko city is under construction, there’re a lot of activities inside their compound. I think they’re really building it. A 42 storey Gold Tower are being built at the corder of Sihanouk and Monivong blvd., but the pace is a bit slow. Another 53 storey Int’l Finance Complex was inaugurated last month.

    Here are a few websites, which might help to keep you up-to-date with issues from Cambodia:

    • jethro mayham

      To CKIM

      Hello, It’s been a long time that I have sent a post. I have an American company that wants to do business related to the gaming industry in Cambodia. However, he heard that there are sanctions from the US on Cambodia.

      I did research on the net and could not find anything specific. The net had a list of countries and Cambodia was on the sanctions list comprised by the US government. The category was National Security.

      And the sanctions were divided into three sections of 1: Trade 2. Aid and 3: Finance.l There was no specific information on the sanctions. And the report was dated so I have no idea if any of the sanctions were removed. I wonder if the bilateral agreement with Iran might have triggered a US sanction

      Would you be able to answer such a question in relation to Cambodia? I would like to answer the American company in a more positive rebuttal that it does not effect gaming or specifically the Lottery.

      This could be beyond your capabilities to answer unless you are working for the government.

      We communicated in 2008 about Trams and Camko City.


      Ben Pon.

      • Chantha Kim

        Hi Ben,

        I’m not working for the government, so I don’t know if there is such sanction in place. But I do not aware of one through my experiences with a foreign diplomatic mission and international organization. I don’t think it’s easy to find the answer by asking government officials. I think you have to ask the US government themselves, or at least their embassy in Phnom Penh. I knew someone who might have the answer, Mr. Bret Sciaroni. He is an American lawyer and a long timer in Cambodia. Here is the website of his company/law firm:


  • vannarith

    that’s kinda interesting topic to talk! hey I just accept for what ckim reply to you guys! i also live in phnom penh also.

  • jethro mayham

    Thanks to all for your answers. There’s nothing better to talk with local people.

    I have been to Poi Pet, Siem Riep, Bavet, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and ….. But not in the pass 2 years. I have flown there, I have gone by van and walking across the entry point, and I have been by bus to Phnom Penh.

    Thank you again. My goals are to help if I can via arranging project funding through private sources.

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