16 May 2008

Stories from 16 May 2008

Cape Verde: It is elections time

  16 May 2008

Abraão Vicente [pt] has a long and reflective post about the upcoming elections in Cape Town, which he iltustrated with a Gilbert & George pic. “I'm a little bit confused, I must confess. During the election campaign everything seems to be easy. It seems that all dreams are possible to...

China: Time to pray

  16 May 2008

‘Pray for the disaster victims, god bless China’ has been the main motif on many main Chinese blogging websites as the country moves past the hundredth hour of mourning, fund-raising and blood donations. The call for prayer has been the theme of coverage at new media and blog service provider...

Egypt: Torture for Bloggers and Activists

Egyptian bloggers, cyberactivists and activists on the ground continue to pay the price for speaking up against the rising cost of living and calling for higher wages and a better life. What started as a call for a strike on April 6, quickly spiralled out of control, with a face off between rioters, protesters and the police. Here's an account of what has happened and is still happening to some of the activists who have used the worldwide web to spread news of what is happening at home.

Mozambique: In defense of native languages

  16 May 2008

Jorge Saiete [pt] is very disappointed that some people in Mozambique believe that native languages, such as Xangana, Xitswa, Ndau, Nhugwe, Macua, and Chuabo should be avoided and are often reprimanded and labeled as language of evil. “I think the national languages are our heritage that most deserves to be...

India: Going to the US

  16 May 2008

Heartcrossings on the huge range of opportunities available to the youth in India, and why going to the US is no longer a big dream.

Angola: On the standardization of the Portuguese language

  16 May 2008

Eugénio Costa Almeida [pt] breaks the news that the deal to standardize the Portuguese language in all countries was ratified in the Portuguese Parliament and within six years new spelling rules may be adopted. “Everyone has thought about “getting into the habit” but the most important thing was forgotten: children...

Zimbabwe: Taking your power back

  16 May 2008

Taking power back to the people in Zimbabwe: “As Zimbabweans, we also have to start taking our power – from the politicians and unelected ministers and military authorities who are running the country instead of the democratically elected parliament.”

Zimbabwe: E-Cards For Democracy

  16 May 2008

Online activism using e-cards in Zimbabwe: “Sokwanele will be releasing regular e-card designs in the days leading up to the run-off election, now scheduled for June 27. We’d like to ask everyone around the world to join us and use them to help all Zimbabweans stay fully engaged with their...

Trinidad & Tobago: Hijacked for Water

  16 May 2008

“With cutlasses at their necks, truck drivers are being hijacked by desperate villagers to deliver water to certain parts of the country…”: Blogging from Trinidad & Tobago, KnowProSE.com thinks that perhaps the government is “just not speaking the same language as the people around them.”

Iran:A Park just for women

Osyan,an Iran based blogger, informs [Fa] us a new park was inaugurated by Tehran's mayor office for women. The blogger says our city needs more recycling places/parks for garbages rather than separate-gender parks.