15 May 2008

Stories from 15 May 2008

China: Seismologist Claims Sichuan Earthquake Was Predicted

  15 May 2008

Li Shihui, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, exposed in his blog that the Sichuan earthquake was predicted at an earlier time. In spite of the various rumors of earthquake omens, Li's specialty and systematic statement have helped him gain many people's confidence, even after his controversial articles are deleted by the network administrator.

Lebanon: Warlords and not Leaders

Lebanese blogger Maze, who lives in Kuwait, asks: Will peace ever prevail in Lebanon? He appeals to his countrymen: “wake up ..don't let those sick minds who are in power influence you…yes we are governed by sick leaders..leaders who care for their personal interests and how to make fortunes from...

Notes From Berkman@10 Conference

  15 May 2008

At the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, attendees and special guests discussed “The Future of the Internet,” and its political dimensions and its affect on the global community. In addition, during the opening remarks there was an announcement that the Berkman Center will become a university-wide research center. GV author Renata Avila is attending the celebration and provides these notes.

Palestine: Sixty Years of Al Nakba

Celebrations are under way to mark Israel's 60th anniversary - but for millions of Palestinians whose grandparents and parents were made refugees in the process, today marks Al Nakba - a day they were forced to flee their lands or were forcefully expelled from their homes as the State of Israel was born. Following is a cross-section of reactions from Arab bloggers.

Lebanon: “Revolverism”

“Firing weapons in the air is a local custom rooted in tradition and history and nurtured by more than a century of frivolity and inter-communal love,” states Ms. Tee, while posting a 99-year-old report written by the British Consul General in Beirut at the time.

Lebanon: Back from the Abyss??

While the situation in Lebanon remains uncertain, Lebanese bloggers keep writing about their fears, pain and disappointment. Of course, there is new hope: a deal brokered by the Arab League to end the strikes which have brought Lebanon to the brink of second civil war is being finalized. But all signs point to a deal made on terms highly favorable to Hezbollah, which, according one blogger, means a return to peace is an “illusion.” Here is a small selection of what some of those who write in French have to say.

India: Food Prices and Bush

  15 May 2008

Rethinking Developmental Economics on the food price crisis around the world, George Bush's remarks and the factors that are pushing the cost of food up.

Sri Lanka: Cricket purists

  15 May 2008

The new Twenty-20 format of cricket has received a mixed reception. Emphemeral Ruminations writes an open letter to the cricket purists.