South Korea: Mad Cow and Anti LMB

Kotaji posted two video clips about the recent protest against the importation of U.S beef (Mad Cow) to South Korea and the issue is also directed against Lee Myung-bak's Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.


  • Dan Brent

    Remember the “yellow press” in U.S. History. Media un-truths and popular support caused the Spanish American War over Cuba … and now the War with Iraq which had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or the attack on Sept 11.

    This threat of Mad Cow sickness in American Beef is the same thing by the Korean farmers and Media. And just like the American public went after Spain … and now Iraq – the Korean public is in rage against the false threat of Mad Cow in American Beef.

    Some things are the same all over the world.

    (I really enjoyed my years in South Korea and am sad at the spread of this lie, just like the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq).

    Dan Brent

  • Hank Johnson

    I have imposed my own boycott of Korean products in response to their boycott. I know I am pretty much alone in this boycott since most Americans couldn’t care less about how we are treated elsewhere, just as long as they can buy more stuff. I also think we need to bring our troops back from Korea. Why are they still there after 60 years? That goes for Japan, Germany, France, England and any place else we have them stationed. Put them on the southern border instead to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the country illegally.

  • Jason

    as a Korean myself, this mad cow disease threat is not a lie to most of us Koreans. The reason it is a threat to us is because we do not only eat the meat, but we make broths out of cow tongues, bones, and etc. where the disease is most commonly found. Another serious fact that we are having this boycott is because of LMB, our president, who made a terrible decision in allowing all the beefs dating over 30 months with bones to be imported. No other nation in the world importing beef from U.S. allows this, and I am sad to see the lowest popularity voted president, LMB, is making terrible choices.

  • Dan Brent

    Thanks for view from someone on the ground there. I don’t know the specifics about exactly what you are importing …. but for this to be such a big deal … how many people have actually been made sick over Mad Cow … In America? In Korea?? Not many … if any. OK now how many people have been made sick over Salmonella or other routine food poison … a lot. It just seems this issue has been blown out of reason by the Unions and other groups for political purposes and is hurting honest hard working Americans and Koreans. Sounds like all Emotion and no no research behind those being manipulated. Same thing happens here … like the rumor that Obama (running for President) is a Muslim … no truth but people repeat it and believe it. The power of the chain e-mail is really something.
    Take Care,
    Dan Brent

  • Dave Louthan

    I’m Dave Louthan. I killed a mad cow 1579 days ago. At slaughter we took a 1-ounce piece of brain from that animal and sold it to the USDA for $20. The government wanted a few samples of cow brain to illustrate a “firewall” was in place to protect you and foreign consumers from mad cow disease. I processed and you ate that cow. Two weeks later that brain sample came back positive for mad cow: a slow wasting disease, 100% fatal. Thousands of old dairy cows are slaughtered and made into hamburger every day. That’s the 99 cent burger and the school lunch. Only difference now is that the USDA stopped testing for that disease because that kept finding it. Google Dave Louthan.

  • Dan Brent


    I am honored at your reply. I have witnessed our government’s bureaucrats abusing their power also, especially the ATF. However, if Mad Cow is really such a problem … where are our doctor’s, mirroring your cry about the Americans they have had to treat for Mad Cow? Where are the victims families crying out for justice?? Your bad experience with the FDA does not justify the Korean response to this threat. You were mistreated by a bunch of idiots … but the threat just is not showing itself.

    Take Care,

    Dan Brent

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